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No excuse for not using anonymous sites then?

Doctors who do medical experiments can be in any country, and I agree with one comment you have made in your article which refers to German history, but can refer to current times ( such as 2015 rather than 1945) and other countries, where medical crime can occur, as well:
That is:
I could not agree more with the idea that those who protect doctors who do medical experiments on patients should be charged with collusion. The argument these days, in particular, that they have no choice, would not be a good one, as there are so many anonymous sites they could use to let others know of what doctors they know of, work for, or hear about, are doing, if they know of medical experiments being done.
If citizens protect medical criminals, they should be charged for not reporting it, I think, if they could have.
Also, though, the anonymous sites have to do something about the reports and not bury it, which is another danger for informers of course, that they inform and it is not to a reliable group of people. After all, they take a risk: their jobs are on the line. Corrupt individuals, or even corrupt authorities, could harass them if they found out too, so anonymous sites have to be very reliable and trustable.
But to say, as an example: 'I, as a citizen, knew that you, Katrina Wood, were being experimented on by xyz doctors and I did nothing, and as a result you were given a set of medical drugs, medically abused and suffered unnecessary side effects, and I said nothing and did nothing ' that to me would be inexcusable.

So, I think those who protect medical criminals should be not allowed to make excuses.

I would not forgive a doctor who deliberately hurt others. They should be tried in an international criminal court in front of a jury not sympathetic to their crimes to avoid charges of national bias, and if authorities or citizens protected the doctors, they also should be charged with collusion.

In addition, excuses should not be allowed of a psychological defence type nature for a doctor who experiments on patients. A doctor is a doctor and they are not allowed to deliberately harm patients for any reason at all: not for hidden trials, not for the greater good, not for political reasons - not at all. The punishment they should receive in my view, should be harsh and black and white, legal, and well argued in front of non sympathetic juries.

Katrina Wood
New Zealand

Katrina Wood more than 6 years ago

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