Generation Praktikum: fact or fiction?



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Doe this Institute exist ?

I continue being flooded by offers, after a not serious at all stammering about a Conference in Helsiki: All the wanted was the Down Payment !

Dr Herberto Hugo Karplus more than 8 years ago

Institute of Cultural Diplomacy

The whole Institute of Cultural Diplomacy is a Scam/Hoax only desiring to obtain the down payment.
After twelve @mails, responding with stammeres by them, I found this out.

Dr Herberto Hugo Karplus more than 9 years ago


Let's keep the conjecture out of this... we can't go around printing gossip. Who be you, strange being? And what do you know about the jade panther?

Walter Crasshole more than 9 years ago

Hey Nadja!

You ain't Nadja V., I know for a fact!

Walter Crasshole more than 9 years ago


"you are all my slaves" (cue strange eastern european/french/german accent james bond villian style laughing)

Nadja V more than 9 years ago

Who's speaking?

Hey exberliner slave, who are you? Did you really intern with them? It would be interesting to know. if so, why hide behind an alias? If you ask me it sounds too spiteful to be informative. James loved it. You seem to hate them. Why such a radically different experience? What did they do to you? Tell us more!

Hannah more than 9 years ago


This is truly hilarious. Exberliner are a magazine who's foundations are the unpaid intern, 75 percent at least, even the paid ones get so little its a wonder how they survive. They offer the chance to get real experience though without any teaching or mentoring. Well that is until they proof your work and bollock you for not doing it right. a very obvious exploitation in the transparent disguise of a great experience .Hey, they would even get you to pay your own fare to go to interviews for the magazine and of course never reimbursed you.I have heard they are planning to charge people to do internships there, I think that sums up the magazines attitude towards what a intern has to offer.

Ex-exberliner slave more than 9 years ago

Thank you

Hi James, thanks for replying to my question. I am not in the field of journalism and hence wouldn't know how things are done at Exberliner. It's great to hear that your experience was good. However, I simply find it hyprocritical to write an article that has the tendency to point at others and not look at oneself. I am German and returned to Germany after 7 years abroad; I am simply shocked how the idea of a practicum is abused by companies here (especially in Berlin). And while I think that it is admirable that you could 'afford' to work without pay, I do not understand how there is not even a minimum standard of compensation (e.g. monthly transportation card + daily pocketmoney). I hope that Germany will change, as I see the existing 'Praktikumkultur' in Germany as bordering on exploitation.

Isa more than 9 years ago


... as a former Exberliner I can confirm they do indeed employ unpaid interns, but not to do the filing. Yes I answered the phone and emails but I was a trainee reporter going all over the city and doing all kinds of exciting stuff - it was a proper grounding in journalism and a very interesting place to work with no day the same as the one before.

PS I was lucky to be covered by my Erasmus grant whilst I was there but no doubt working unpaid is impossible for some.

James Brown more than 9 years ago

I just have one question...

...does Exberliner "employ" unpaid interns?

Isa more than 9 years ago

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