How to get health insurance in Germany

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Married to a German citizen

Will I be covered under her health insurance, we are moving back to Germany after five years to retire?

Terry more than 7 years ago

No insurance

Many Germans have no insurance at all and might not get any medical care enen if in danger

marcus more than 8 years ago

Trying to implement a new urban legend?

Every German is obliged to have a health insurance according to law ( § 193 III VVG = "Versicherungsvertragsgesetz"). In 2011 there were only around 0.2% of all Germans without a insurance (see;jsessionid=ABD2F01F9C8973769A1A73A96D1E0C41.cae2). And even if you have no insurance at all every hospital will help you in case of danger.

Sonja more than 8 years ago

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