It's a WikiLife: Anke and Daniel Domscheit-Berg

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Or just read it here

Thanks for the tip, Rob Benson. But you can also read more of Daniel's story here:

Walter Crasshole more than 8 years ago

WikiLeaks versus OpenLeaks

Thanks for the enlightening talk with Anke and Daniel. On the issue of why Daniel quit WikiLeaks to found OpenLeaks, take a look at:

Rob Benson more than 8 years ago


There is nothing "revolutionary" about this.

This is the opposite of revolutionary.

Banality masquerading as substance. I haven't read a single coherent political principle in the interview. Nothing revolutionary. Just neoliberal conventional wisdom, masquerading in one after another coopted identity politics. Pretend feminism. Pretend eco-hippies. Pretend cypherpunk. Watered down to homeopathic extremes, until there is nothing left but barely meaningful words and phrases.

In the neoliberal paradise, to conform is a form of rebellion too!

This is politics for people who don't give a f**k about politics. Politics in the form of the HELLO! couple.

And they call themselves "Pirates." Slave-narcissists.

Surface level progressives busy ignoring how deeply conservative they are. Makes me sick.

Grenivore more than 8 years ago

What you say in your interview about fashion catalogues

Thank you Anke,
for saying all this! I used to think I'm the only one who is fed up with buying from catalogues whith helpless, pigeon-toed models looking at the camera as if pleading for rescue from the dragon.
Whom are they targeting with this? I'm certainly not a dragon-slayer.
I keep my fingers crossed that you get nominated as a candidate by your party

Elka Sloan more than 8 years ago

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