"I can say that because I am a Jew. They don’t care about the Sinti and Roma."



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A very wise, thoughtful man. Much respect to Mr. Karavan for speaking his mind and thanks to the interviewer for bringing up important, insightful issues.

lynneb more than 8 years ago


Thanks to Dani Karavan for his grate work and being there for us the Roma and Sinti!

Hristo Kyuchukov more than 8 years ago

Sinti & Roma Memorial Berlin

Beautiful concept!
We are very eager to visit the memorial when we are in Berlin with the Requiem for Auschwitz, jan 29. in Berliner Philharmoniker

Dré Sprangers more than 8 years ago

thank you

thank you for standing up, unlike other jews. from a rom :)

ganther more than 8 years ago

Sinti & Roma Memorial Berlin

This interview with Dani Karavan is illuminating and moving. I wondered why a Sinti artist was not commissioned, but Dani seems to have been the right person. I like Dani's empathy with the Sinti and Roma and I agree with him that there should have been one memorial that does justice to both Sinti/Roma and Jews.

Ruth Barnett more than 8 years ago


Even after all these years, it brings hope back..

The next memorial, in free Palestine for all those people who died for the sake of imperialism.

R o u m a more than 8 years ago

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