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legalising "pot" , skank, whatever

Once again, people getting confused between, the Germans remarkable powers to make money like no other and what others view as "liberalism" hip hip hooray. Anything goes in this city because it makes money from it. Prostitiution is legal because they can tax it not because berlin is so "free". berln is a drug infested city already so why not. Pot first , next smack but oh wait a minute, that is already a problem way out of control. Yeah !

donna weber more than 5 years ago


The previous comment by Sascha suggests he or she as little understanding of the different effects of alcohol and cannabis on human behaviour. England's top (previous) scientific advisor to the UK government, having reviewed all the available evidence on the so called harm of cannabis, came to the conclusion that the drug should be de criminalised. It is a known fact that alcohol is a prime factor in the majority of all violent crime. The only crime associated with cannabis is that perpetrated by the drug gangs who control the market. Very little if any violence is associated with cannabis use. The problem associated with 'illegal' drug use are the drug laws themselves who turn honest cannabis using persons into criminals. These were the conclusions of this much respected scientific govt advisor and when he submitted his proposals the UK govt sacked him. I would therefore suggest the problems associated with cannabis use is not the drug but spineless politicians who are more concerned about remaining in office than bringing good social change based on sound scientific evidence. Its the USA that is holding the whip on all nations signed to the UN and it's conventions requiring them to make social use of drugs illegal so that they can keep their armanents industries in business fighting the war on drugs. Congratulations to the Greens on suggesting a state monopoly on supply of cannabis and getting rid of the criminals who currently control the market. Shame that they (the Greens) have such a negative view on smoking in public, they sound just like the Brits and Ami's who are destroying hundreds of years of bar and pub culture denying choice to people. Some 1000 bars a year have closed in the UK from the ban on smoking, is that what you want in Berlin.

Tony more than 8 years ago


I'm not saying that smoking pot is worse than alcohol, but still it blinds your senses and also not to forget the exstensive use of cannabis and marijuana makes you being phlegmatic http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/news/20051201/marijuana-raises-risk-of-fatal-car-crash
so when there's any proof a subtance has a rather bad effect on society, then why legalising it?

sascha more than 8 years ago


legalizing canabis is a bit like surrendering. i think there's a reason why it's been illegal so far.
to make my point clear: everytime you're really high (doesn't matter if by cannabis, alcohol or any other drug) you (not everyone but many people) lose a bit (or a lot) of control over themselves, doing things they'd never so when sober, become careless. alcohol (as a variable for any addictions and "I'm not responsible for what I'm doing" - states of mind) is in many cases responsible for lots of shit from spontaneous fights on the streets up to shattered family homes or is used as an excuse for cheating or many other things. it can ruin lifes, a drinker's life as well as the life of someone who got hit in a carcrash caused by a drunk person.
so: why supporting this?
I know we are far away from a perfect world, but why making it even worse by legalizing things that are not supportive at all?
I heard of some cases where people were punished (by law) not so very hard because when they committed their crime, they were drunk and so weren't aware of what they were doing. WTF???
I think people who commited a crime because they were drunk should be punished a lot harder, because they deliberately set themselves into this condition where they don't know what they're doing.
it's not only cannabis that should remain illegal, alcohol should be illegal as well.

sascha more than 8 years ago

hey ho

Actually it was prohibited starting 19th, 20th century mostly, and had been smoked since times immemorial. So your starting argument is invalid. Additionally, I would never equate the effects of cannabis same as drinking - have lost control of my bike and injured myself few times when drunk, so much so as don't drive anymore when drunk, but have driven multiple times through mountains, including treacherous Himalayas, when doped with being in complete control. Not advocating one should dope and drive, but this has different effect than alcohol and you should not club cannabis in same category as alcohol. If anything should be banned, its alcohol.. But the, haven't we tried that before.

at more than 8 years ago

How insulting

There are many tourists that come respectfully and greatly appreciate cultural and artistic offerings of the city. Maybe it's time that foreigners know this is what Berliners think of them, basically party animals. Better go somewhere else and lock Berliners back inside a thick wall.

michael more than 8 years ago

"opportunities for investment"...

... is exactly the kind of attitude that is going to ruin this district. making it a "peaceful safe outgoing area" for people who can afford it. hozzah, capitalism!

Cana more than 8 years ago

thank you

Thank you very much. Instead of brushing up the place and making it a peaceful safe outgoing area, they are going to curb opportunities for investment and make one big refugee camp.

ann more than 8 years ago

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