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May Day Berlin

May Day,May Day, Berlin
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Eduardo Mamcasz more than 9 years ago

What riots?

Hi i've witnessed about 7 years of May days fests in Xberg and don't recall witnessing a single riot in all that time. I think a bus stop and a couple of cars being set on fire is about as dramatic as it got. Chucking a few bottles at lines and lines of cops in riot gear then slouching off to get pissed somewhere doesn't exactly constitute a krawalle!

maya more than 9 years ago


That was missed and now a regrettable typo , but it does say "Originally published in April 2010" in there as well.

Walter Crasshole more than 9 years ago


Have to absolutely agree with the first comment. Sorry exberliner, but this is poor!

kai more than 9 years ago


Nobody had time to update this? Annoying that you only realise that 'last year' means 2009 halfway down the article.

Jeff more than 9 years ago


E hu Erste Hundertschaft
E 3 is for Americans this year
can t imagin´ Chicago in the 18th cent. could b interesting 2 read about:-)

login more than 11 years ago

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