My Corona nightmare



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What a crazy person

If you are sick, stay put! They will come to your flat with the test! Don't go anywhere! Especially to hospitals where you can infect all sick people there and very important nurses and doctors. This guy and his flatmates where very irresponsible. Stupid tu publish article like this in times like now

Gata more than 1 year ago

Does anyone at the magazine realize how irresponsible this article is?

You need to take it down.

Actual Sufferer more than 1 year ago


I know few people that have symptoms but haven't get tested because it is hard (you need to give reasons, for instance being in an area of infection. This concept is overly stupid, area of infection now is whole EU and big part of the world), the timing is long and in general people are not so collaborative. When you read this stories and you talk with some other friends, then you understand why there is only so few positive cases. People do not get tested. I strongly disagree with people that keep say "this article generate panic". People should be afraid, and should ask to the Senate a serious policy for stop the contagion. What is this idea of having hairdresser and restaurant open? Can't people see how this is disrespectful for the workers and for their costumers? The fact that the Mayor lives in a fantasy world and say fantasy things such as "it is not possible to lock down a city of 3.7 million of inhabitants", how many Wuhan have? 11 millions. So, either he's an irresponsible person, or he think that Berlines lack of self-control. Either case, this is very very poor.

Rita H more than 1 year ago

Change the headline and tags

The text is good surely but the story has stronger impact on anxiety. This is not literature but a news source. If Exberliner finds itself to publish breaking Corona news, it also has the responsibility to communicate without triggering anxiety and calming people down. This article is not doing it right.

Esin more than 1 year ago


Italy is a nightmare. You are just being a drama queen. Change the headline because its false and you wouldnt get away with that on any publication. Embarassing.

Vika more than 1 year ago

in Italy you get tested at least

People in Italy get tested. Test is done and results come in 40 minutes. I'm not joking. The fact you need the permission from your doctor, tells you how much the health system in Germany is disfunctional.

Rita H more than 1 year ago

You didn't need a test, did you?

Which is exactly why they say that it doesn't really matter if it is Corona or isn't (test-wise): if you need to be taken to A&E because of shortness of breath etc. - OK, but otherwise, what would you have done if you've had a nasty cold or the "regular" flu? I sincerely hope you'd be isolating yourself at home. Why would Corona be different.

Yama more than 1 year ago

yes he did

Of course he needed a test. It was his right and also the right of people he went in contact with. Although health system is partially private, a doctor that make you a test for a very infectious disease, is only doing his job.

Rita H more than 1 year ago

Important further info

These fast tests are only somewhat reliable, for the time being. Of course it still makes sense to do them, even in your case. You could have had Corona and be negative - and vice versa.

Here's a good article from a German crowd-funded media outlet from Berlin, summoning the situation (in German, or Englisch with DeepL):

FightThroughIt more than 1 year ago

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