My one-night job at a Berlin bordello



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Lateral Whorephobia

Bonnie was basically a tourist in a brothel for a night. She tried it on and didn't like it and now feels like she can speak authoritatively on the matter. You know why the worker of 15 years was shocked by your comment about fucking 5-6 guys a night? Because it's the kind of judgemental rubbish you expect from christian saviours and rad fems, not other workers. I can assure you that the workers who fuck five or six guys a night is more in touch with herself than you. Sex work requires constantly negotiating boundaries and consent. It requires knowing exactly what you are and arent ok with. You have to know yourself. Maybe the reason why you can't imagine seeing that many clients every week is because you broke all the rules and invested too much of yourself in clients. You dont tell them your name and you don't get intimate. Its a performance, its not real love making. God you are so naive. Please dont speak about brothel work again.

Anna more than 3 years ago

herpes on your face

go to german bordelo if ya want sum

âblo more than 6 years ago


use a spork, its good for eating pork

spork more than 8 years ago

Get tested

Uh... Bonnie... herpes is transmitted via skin contact with the general area down there, not fluid exchange. A condom will not necessarily protect you, and no one seems to understand this, and thus one in five people have it. If you don't want herpes and medication for the rest of your life, you have to stay out of brothels.

Dr. Reality more than 8 years ago

Not fake

Why do people think this story is fake? Probably because they have some ridiculous stereotyped notion of what prostitution is about.

carl more than 8 years ago

the perfect compliment

Dear readers. That is actually the perfect backhanded compliment - I am sure 'Bonnie' would be wrapped to hear that she and her story has been so well-disguised that people believe it to be fake. She was so scared to be identified! Graham Anderson

graham more than 8 years ago


Fake story. Total rubbish. Not really worth publishing.

Thomas more than 8 years ago


Why would a epaper like this publish such a story? It's obviously not real, most likely written by a guy and quite honestly I cannot see what good it does anyone.

Chris more than 8 years ago

Let the haters Hate

I think its a very brave story.
Ive lived in Berlin for 3 years (origin Australia) and its very difficult to make cash.
I hussle everyday to get my rent, health insurance and general money together and even at times Ive thought to do this for one night. Im also uninhabited with my body and can separate the emotional from the physical. But when seriously considering it, I couldnt go through with it.
The story is a story. Its putting out what people go through to make money.
You might not agree with it, but at least its been told.
Fine with me Bonnie. Let the haters hate, and let the player play.

Georgie more than 8 years ago

is Exberliner beginning to sell ear candy ?

this sounds like a lot of bullshit to me

Adan Narvaez more than 8 years ago

This article is not ok

This article is not ok. It's not very easy to believe that a 25-year old girl is speaking in this way of for the first time she is having sex for money with six men in one night, amongst them a 60-year old? And enjoying it, having orgasms? No hookers have orgasms. It seems more like what a horny guy would think it would be like to be a slutty girl trying out to be "a whore for a night". Having sex for money is just another way of being raped dude

A.W. more than 8 years ago


yep, clearly made up... totally agree... first she can only speak italian, then she's a new zealander, she is a total newcomer to "whoring", but has no problems fucking six strangers the first night... suure dude

doubleränbo more than 8 years ago

it's so clear that a guy made this article up... gross

it's so clear that a guy made this article up... gross

Sara more than 8 years ago

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