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Manhattan Calling

I was in Germany during the early years and thought it was really neat that she became as popular as she did. Really stuck with me even to today. (Nena's just a few months younger than I) What's a shame is that as she says, half the band is is from America, and that the Brooklyn Bridge ( and CBGB's) features prominently in the new Nur Getraumt video (new 10+ years ago) and we don't get one drop in show, club appearance, or even the ability to get the latest album from Amazon (in the US). Really would love to see her at the Beacon, or the Capitol, or perhaps Slim's in Ess Eff?!

I did get her Made Germany DVD through a German vendor...

Bob Aho more than 5 years ago

A year later

And yes, I have tickets for the Ess Eff show! And while US Amazon still doesn't have Old School, they put out Live at SO36, so alles gut!

Bob Aho more than 5 years ago

Red Ballon

I have some imported CD's and listen too

Stephen Rost more than 5 years ago

The best

Nena is the most exceptionally talented rock star on the planet - her voice, her live shows, her joie de vivre and the fact that she co-writes most of her wonderful and varied music herself. "99 Luftballons" would barely scrape into my Top 20 favourites of hers.

Duncan Robertson more than 5 years ago

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