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Residual 80's NO!!!

I agree with the first comment. Fashion designers latch on to the 80's like it's the new cool reference to have in their angular, drapey cuts but I think it IS just a trend -- and not a unique language. And there is so much of this kind of trash being worn around Berlin and a serious afront to my eyes. Anyway, I find all their collections to be residual of something that was already done and done better. Vince clothing has already been doing more drapey and elegant cuts for quite some time as has Philip Lim (Thank GOD he's now in Berlin -- he's a GENIUS and will be a breath of fresh amidst all the try hard Berlin upstart fashion designers)...and yes, this line is trying way too hard. Chill out on the patterning and the attempt to create sculptural forms that ultimately don't flatter the figure and actually CREATE -- don't fake it. It's just all too obvious.

Agree more than 8 years ago


I'm sorry, but their fashion is hideous. I don't know how, who, why or where their clothes can be worn without being laughed at. Good luck to them both. Perhaps on a grey day here in Berlin they'll get some attention....but only that. And we all know a one liner is not fashion. Jelly fish? Really??? I can't believe Ex Berliner would cover such horrible fashion. There is so much great stuff happening in Berlin...dig deeper folks.

Fashion Not Jellyfish more than 8 years ago

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