"The old figure of 500,000 victims is still being pushed. I wonder if there’s an agenda."



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I am so thankful for the numbers, as they are incredible and show how much is being done to get rid of a real responsibility by diminishing them, it is sad and unnecessary to say things like there wouldn't have been any racist laws against jews and to let it sound as if they wouldn't have been persecuted due to biologist racism... I totally disagree here, still I think that Mr. hancock is doing meaningful research and that it should be the job of rroma, and non-rroma especially from jewish communities to remember and keep up the memorial and keep on fighting against communities we should do that in solidarity not in hierachising the genocides.... every person who was killed is aloss to humanity

hajdi more than 8 years ago

Angry But Fair

I disagree with Eli2, I don't think Mr. Hancock is antisemitic. He does come across as frustrated and angry with some aspects of Holocaust scholarship (which of course is largely dominated by Jews) but I can understand why. He's not denying that Jews were the primary victims of the Holocaust, he's making the argument that the Romani were the co-primary victims, which is accurate. The Romani lost a higher percentage of their population. And how did you get demonising Israel? All he says of Israel is that it allows Jews to have a voice in an international discussion, and that he recognizes how important a homeland is.

Sarah more than 9 years ago

Do we need more of that antisemitic propganda?

The attempt to convince everyone that Jews didn't suffer that much, or at least no more than others during the Nazi regime - is not new. Mr Hancock is another anti-Semite in disguise whose every argument only hides one purpose: charge the Jews with the crime of wanting to be recognised as number one victim of the Holocaust (which they were, Mr Hancock) and their ensuing entitlement to reparations. Ultimately it is once more demonising Israel.... No, Mr Hancock, Jews are NOT the guilty ones.
Do we really need to read more of that?

Eli2 more than 9 years ago

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