Sexy, cheap and available? The Berlin housing myth

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oh oh oh

The medium prive range is now 2300€/m², prices in Fehrbelliner Höfe have gone up to 8000€/m². In MItte, no appartment is under 4000€/m², new projects are to be found between 6500€ and 9900€/m².

This article is just old, same old..

Anonymous more than 9 years ago

COOL really does not suck

I love this housing "myth" so much. 4 years ago I bought an ok-appartment just in front of the Fehrbelliner Hoefe. After 2 years I was afraid of Bobomania and moved on to Wedding. Since then I am renting out my Mitte appartment to people who believe places like Wedding would suck and have increased my property value already by at least 40%.

The only thing that most recently irritated me very much is that also "Cafe Pförtner" started serving Bionade. And right next to my favourite Köfte place a new frozen joghourt store has been opened this summer. Maybe I should by an appartment in Wedding as well.... LOL

Luedi more than 9 years ago

spandau ISN'T cool...

That's just the thing - Spandau isn't cool! Nor are Marzahn, south Neukölln, Moabit, Wedding.. if you've lived in one area of Berlin, it's become your home, your village, your "Kietz".
Berlin is big. Berlin is a pedestrian City. You like to walk or cycle. You don't want to commute.
A berliner of Kreuzberg or Prenzlauerberg, where rents are soaring, would feel like a forcefully transplanted foreigner in any other part of the town.
Nobody would complain, if the rent got a bit higher after an appropriate amount of work was done on the houses.
But politicians sell off the places we lived in with coal stoves and toilets in cabinets on the stairwell - two floors down, to be luxuriously renovated for affluent expats. (Be they from Swabia, Canada or Grunewald..)
And tell us - the prenzlbergers, kreuzbergers etc., there "is enough affordable housing - "
probably, but moving out from the center would be a culture shock.

Sorry, but Spandau sucks..

mimi more than 10 years ago

Back to basics

Nothing cures demand like supply. However that unserved capacity is made up: group houses, dormitory-like arrangements, lots of new-build to fit some people whose needs aren't met in some specific way... it represents supply, and thus relief on price pressure.

Joe more than 11 years ago

Berlin's communal houses

Only four communal non-profit self-organized houses running in Berlin?? Let's not forget Liebig 34, Liebig 14, Rigear 94, Rigear 83, Köpi, New Yorck 59, Brunnen 183, Bödiker 9, Potsdamer Strasse 180, Kreutzigerstr. 19, Shererstr. 8, Jessnerstr. 41...and the list goes on.

Lulu more than 11 years ago

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