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not even if i offered to pay for it

Mar y Sol in Berlin. They refused to give me tap water because they wanted me to buy an expensive bottle of water. I even offered to give extra tip for it, the waitress still said no. I really don't like the taste of that sort expensive mineral water (no sparkles) and I hated the idea of paying that much to golp it down in a second after being super thirsty. Super salty meals and red wine, three perfect combination. They probably make a lot of money just by selling water.

Sally more than 6 years ago

two places to avoid

Cocolo in Mitte refused tap water to my friend because he hadn't ordered alcohol although my boyfriend and I had ordered Sake and were served tap water as we sat across from him. I will never go back there. Kirk Royal in Kreuzberg refused to serve my friend and me tap water after we'd ordered copious amounts of food and a very expensive wine. Never went back there either.

more than 11 years ago

berlin tap water

the article doesn't mention one important thing: berlin tap water tastes BAD. If you cannot tell, it's because you haven't had good water for a while. Personally, I filter it all the time: it tastes better and it doesn't leave leave as much "white pulver" (sediments) after having boilt it. My water boiler is in much better shape too.

more than 11 years ago


Germans don't drink 'still water' not at restaurants not at the gym not anywhere. I have friends who literally have not had a glass of water in years, preferring high sodium soda water or cola. I cannot explain the relatively low incidence of cancer here, based on lifestyle it should be astronomically high.

Zack Away more than 11 years ago

Water in Berlin

I think the tap water here is fine. I was in shock the other day when I popped into one of these sidewalk quick markets and was charged two Euros for a SMALL bottle of water. I could have bought a beer for less. It would clearly be better for society as a whole to ban cigarette advertising here and to offer free water at restaurants. The public health costs associated with ailments caused by heavy alcohol consumption and tobacco smoke must be enormous in Germany.

more than 11 years ago

tap water

I only drink tap water, here in Berlin or just about anywhere else in the white world. People in restaurants give me a realy hard time for it but they can just lick my salt. Its all about some trendy image and making people feel pressure to spend more money...what a joke on us!

lou reed more than 11 years ago


Obviously Sprite or Cola will not buy ads here in ExBerliner. Or will they?

ca more than 11 years ago

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