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die freiheit.

dear exberliner,
I was pretty shocked when I saw your berlin election special:
why did you give a plattform to die freiheit and didnt comment on it?
I don't care, what die freiheit is thinking about mediaspree,
I only care about their racist profile which doesnt differ from NPD (why didnt you ask the NPD about mediaspree so far?)
why do you print sentences like: "we're not against foreigners but rather the development of turkish and arabic islamic parallel societies in our cities" -> seriously: are you nuts? no other newspaper did that, you can't give guys like manfred rouhs to say stuff like that without saying one sentence after: SHUT UP YOU FUCKING RACIST!
sorry guys, epic fail!!! you give legitimacy to the wrong people, while printing them next to other democratic parties. I am curious: why didnt you feature the npd? they are as well not against foreigners.....

kostja more than 10 years ago

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