The industry of pain: Living with migraines in Berlin




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20 years migraine sufferer

I went to Dr Muhlberger, and his treatment has been the best for me in all my years of treatment. the US and UK allows botox for migraines, so it's no "quack" treatment. I did acupuncture and meditation, yoga and exercise, and none of it worked for long. I've been on too many medications to count. I will stick with botox for as long as I can if it's effectiveness comes to wane like every other treatment I've used. So far so good. Botox isn't covered by TK though. I'm looking to see if I can receive treatment in other nations as long as im paying out of pocket.

Sarah more than 4 years ago

Tried Kinesiology?

Hi Have any of the people tried any natural/complimentary/wholistic therapies or medicines for a long period of time? I would be curious to see if some of my kinesiology can work or at least reduce frequency or intensity of the attacks.

Renee-Kinesiology more than 11 years ago

Botox follow-up

Thanks for the great feedback. I'm actually currently working on a book on the topic of migraine and the industry of pain! It might take years to get to the bottom of the whole system, shrouded as it is in corporate secrecy, and the lobbies' vested interests. But as I was investigating further, I found that each door opened up to a new fascinating dimension, crystallizing many conflicting strategies from different actors: governments, health policy-makers, doctors and businessmen... and the real people and their real suffering, like Anna.

Dr Mühlberger’s injections didn’t help Anna - worse, she found herself sicker than ever. I actually followed Anna to NYC where, out of despair, she met with one of the world's leading 'alternative' migraine neurologists and a great advocate of the magnesium/feverfew/riboflavin ‘tritherapy’ (the author of bestselling book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Migraines), which she's been on since reading the book. To her surprise, he candidly explained that Petasites (marketed by a German company but not available in Germany!) were better than riboflavin, that magnesium worked better when administered as infusions (forget the pills!) and... that, all things considered, Botox was the most successful option to this day – an option he qualified as ‘unsustainable’ on a mass market level, given the price of the treatment (€1000 to be repeated every 3-4 months). And guess what? After testing the skills of a Peruvian acupuncturist in Chinatown and a Chinese pharmacist’s miracle potion (who cooked her up some herbal concoction so revoltingly bitter that she couldn’t get herself to drink more than one of the 20 packs custom-made for her), she actually went for it! She got Mr Mauskop to inject the muscle paralsyer in 8-10 different pain trigger points around her head, neck and shoulders, and is currently waiting for a miracle to happen! ---- to be continued!----

In the meantime I’d be happy to gather some more material and get in touch with people who would share their experience with me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at – Thanks!

Ruth Schneider more than 11 years ago

what's up with Anna

you got us involved in Anna's predicament and treatments from pharmaceuticals and vitamins to Botox: but what happened to her after her botox injection? Does she feel better now? It would be interesting to know. It is a great and utterly depressing article on migraine management in the age of corporate medicine. Marcela and Anna’s stories are fascinating insomuch they are emblematic of the way things work in a business-ruled world. Thanks for this article and tell us where and when we can read more!

bea more than 11 years ago


I have suffered from migranes my whole life and can not see at all when I get them. It is scary. But, this may sound strange, but I read Botox helps, so out of despiration I tried it. It works perfectly, now the only time I get a migrane is when the botox has worn off (3-4 months). I swear by it and is worth every penny!

Eva more than 11 years ago

You hit the nail on the head

This is the most amazing article I have read on migraines. I have suffered with migraines for years and tried numerous pharmaceuticals that have never worked for me but have horrible side effects (the triptans make my throat spasm and close...the preventatives lead to bruising and mood swings). I am sick of the pharmaceutical culture and the patronizing "I know best(but I don't know how to help you)" neurologists.

Your article really nailed the problem on its head (hahaha. Plus, I learned a ton. I just moved to Berlin, and feel like you have really given me some new ways to approach my migraines. Thank you so much!

JL more than 11 years ago

Great article

Thanks, thanks thanks for this outstanding article!

Italiano more than 11 years ago

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