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Sex Work

As a current sex worker in Berlin I am yet to find anyone doing 'escorting' or 'sugar babying' who isn't also having sex as part of it. I am not saying it doesn't happen but I would argue these examples are not representative of the majority. Also, I wonder if the author of this is an active ally of the SW community or just wanted to use Sex Workers 'edgy' lifestyles as clickbait.

LL more than 2 years ago


Rich men rule the world, and apparently everyone is angry about this.
Except all the women that benefit from the rich men.
I know a girl who fucks a millionaire when he's in town. She doesn't give a shit that he has a wife, she's just out to get hers, feel special. So much for sisterhood.
Tired of being told that I am the enemy because I'm a white male, when the real enemy is people's greed. Fuck you and your shoes that cost a months rent.
But also, well done for making some CA$H!!!

Theo more than 3 years ago

I want a sugardaddy

How do people go about it to having a sugardaddy?i want one

Nancy more than 2 years ago

i need a sugar daddy and someone to talk to

i am very lonely i would like somone to talk to but i also need some finacail help

jessica more than 1 year ago


Im here

Farshid more than 1 year ago

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