The Weinerei goes underground (literally)


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Why did the author feel the need to state where people originated from in the article? "Liverpudlian, Aussie" - anyone who doesn't pay their way can originate from anywhere. the values of Perlin originate from socialism but this article screams Tory

Charlotte more than 3 years ago


yeah im taking my girlfriend there for her birthday, cheap as chips!!!

reuben dav more than 10 years ago


i hear that rudeboy, i ended up spending all my money on brass after that!!!

bob more than 10 years ago

sluts with nuts

I like sluts with nuts!

Robert Shutler more than 10 years ago


I'm still hanging from the 5 bottles I had last night there for only 2 euro! The place is a bargain!

Rory Dyer more than 10 years ago

Don't believe the hype

These guys have made Lord knows how much cash from tourists with their 'faux socialism' model over the years. I think they've got a gall to complain. I like the places referred to but the wine has always been a bit crap and the poor payers have doubtless been compensated by the better payers. If it wasn't making so much cash it wouldn't have lasted so long, right? I have also heard at least two stories about punters being chased downm the road by staff who don't think they paid enough (in both cases they left more than enough + tip). If they're genuinely concerned about ruining the atmosphere, why would they open three similar bars in one tiny area? Surely that's irresponsible consumerism in itself. In short: there are nicer bars with better wines to go to.

Honey Knees more than 11 years ago

Berlin in flux

The fact that Weinerei has had to rethink its model is as much about human nature as it is about a city that's changing at warp speed.
What's happening here is an example of what's happening all over Berlin - and in so many capital cities. How do we share what's extraordinary about a place while we preserve its essence?

Layne more than 11 years ago

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