When men lose control



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domestic violence drug and alchol fueled

Iy through my own experiances well rember lack of sleeps kills to you would drive your car tired so don't argue when you are tired pls pls listen to that. Thank you I wish the world happier place q like to help in the stop. Of this behavior as a person with problems and been there and done the damage and even yrs ago revived it and lived with it as a child. Now at least there is help. Back in eighties there was less rights and les could be done... If you are a aggressor simple Google for help lines for ya self. Go for walk and practice breathing exercises by breathing in large amounts of oxygen will help to control your bp. But to even prevent the aggression. Starting get help first most case are alchol field then drugsaalchol and drugs has ruined my life after 20 yrs and now my family love is a crazy thing never love some too much love your self first no matter how hard you we always get the help when it's too late in life after you have made the mistakes always rember you can change your self if it's too late. Well live with it cry and then you will feel like disgusted about you have done there is always plp in worse ways . I should know if vomit violence and you don't get or seek the correct help you will attack again especially if drink drugs are involved but it's never so simple or as easy to step back in argument with some one you love as they can be the most hurt full and cruel arguments you will have try to rember you and your partner don't necessarily mean what you are shouting at each other .. But because you never respect her him to be so cruel you will goto into a shock and the rage can become worse try to stay out confrontations and go to sleep.. Ovamo say to McHale as I have not been to control for long time due to abuse from drugs and alchol... Any tips I have well I don't besides get the help even if you resolved the problem.. One other situations big problemscare in life is lack of sleep and sleep disorders are not looked at upon as a problem but believe me it will affect you more than you will think as the brain needs rest take piriton which is anti histamine which can relax the body but for me all ahs been a little to late but now I work on my self by going back to my drawings I am artist and father with a women I love for ever you will relize you can do more when left to your own devices survival is human instinct. But sleep is my test problem I wish to write more but I need rest thankyou I hope I can write more and help other plp one day through these problems as my own are bad due to the time and yrs that have past no matter how small or big the violence you still need to address the problem as you will be alive for another 40 50 yrs you don't want to be the old you be some new and try to think happier and smile more and the world Will smile with you everyone make your own decision if you lash out once rember it's ok to cry to cry it all out.. I can help ok onl

anonymous more than 8 years ago

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