Who owns Berlin?



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The real problem

The real problem with Berlin housing is the pervasive socialist mentality against home ownership. Had more people owned their home, say, to the levels prevailing in other Western industrialised countries, all problems mentioned here would not exist.

Andrew 265 days ago


"So you’re saying the greediest landlords are not necessarily the criminal ones, right?" should be the journalist's question, not part of the answer, right?

Kl_ more than 1 year ago


"We are living in a democracy and if it comes down to taking away from 10,000 people to redistribute to 10 million" - a democracy is supposed to offer protection against "the tyranny of the majority" - even if the minority is rich or offer expensive services.

Many claims were made against certain groups in the past regarding their wealth (justified or not), presenting them in a bad light.

We live in a global world in which people can move themselves or their wealth, the state can't just "redistribute" wealth without cooperation of all parties.

The irony is that the interviewee justifies the new law based on apartment prices of 20 years ago (using capitalistic calculations of course), forgetting the incentive of future investments, and not realising that there are alternatives to investment in Berlin's apartments.

Capitalist more than 1 year ago

I'm assuming then...

that Capitalist here must also therefore approve of total transparency as concerns the global movement of money, as well as a vigorous enforcement of tax collection.

Democratic Socialist more than 1 year ago

Your Thinking Error

is that you really assume that democracy is that minorities have to be protected against the majority, but actually a democracy has nothing to do with such BS. A democracy it is always only for the majority, never for any minority. Seems, capital greed makes a minority really dumb, that's why they need to hide it.

Max more than 1 year ago

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