"We Berliners are unruly"



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Old skool cool

Look, there is Berlin and there is Germany. We Berliners are totally undisciplined and unruly anyway. -- And that's what makes you wonderful. Thanks for this perspective.

DJ more than 1 year ago

Let's face it...

...there are PLENTY of Real Estate Barons who'd love nothing more than to kill off the Club Life/ Freakscene in Berlin entirely... and turn this into a blue-glass and steel nightmare like Chicago. They see the "plague" as an opportunity. We can only hope the local workforce is so "lazy" and stubborn and chaotic they'll be a "problem," and importing guest-workers to pick up the slack will prove too costly, and so the speculators will concentrate on Frankfurt or Munich instead... and the Bundestag (picture the Reichstag as an *amazing* clubspace!) will move, too. Wouldn't that be grand? Let's all put our hands together and pray to the Party Gods...

Steven Augustie more than 1 year ago

This guy is a Rich Asshole who inherited his money .. we should kick him out of Berlin

This guy is a Rich Asshole who should be kicked out of Berlin

Miki Dora more than 1 year ago

Failed logic

So what? You have to be born poor to be a decent person?! Please...there are plenty of bad people among any strata of society. He has the means to do something good for Berlin's culture and I hope that happens. I like what I see so far.

Maggie more than 1 year ago

Love this interview

Enjoyed taking in Roth's commentary. Thank you.

Carl Lruise more than 1 year ago

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