"We Berliners are unruly"



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Old skool cool

Look, there is Berlin and there is Germany. We Berliners are totally undisciplined and unruly anyway. -- And that's what makes you wonderful. Thanks for this perspective.

DJ 273 days ago

Let's face it...

...there are PLENTY of Real Estate Barons who'd love nothing more than to kill off the Club Life/ Freakscene in Berlin entirely... and turn this into a blue-glass and steel nightmare like Chicago. They see the "plague" as an opportunity. We can only hope the local workforce is so "lazy" and stubborn and chaotic they'll be a "problem," and importing guest-workers to pick up the slack will prove too costly, and so the speculators will concentrate on Frankfurt or Munich instead... and the Bundestag (picture the Reichstag as an *amazing* clubspace!) will move, too. Wouldn't that be grand? Let's all put our hands together and pray to the Party Gods...

Steven Augustie 275 days ago

This guy is a Rich Asshole who inherited his money .. we should kick him out of Berlin

This guy is a Rich Asshole who should be kicked out of Berlin

Miki Dora 275 days ago

Failed logic

So what? You have to be born poor to be a decent person?! Please...there are plenty of bad people among any strata of society. He has the means to do something good for Berlin's culture and I hope that happens. I like what I see so far.

Maggie 259 days ago

Love this interview

Enjoyed taking in Roth's commentary. Thank you.

Carl Lruise 279 days ago

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