2G in Berlin: What to know about the new rules



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vaccine card for US/CDC

I am a visitor from US and can't get the electronic/digital app. I have a CDC card with my vaccination dates and booster. Is that sufficient? I entered Germany with the CDC card as proof of vaccination

Martin 2 days ago

Digital app/QR code

I was told that some pharmacies will convert/transfer the cdc vaccine card to the digital app. The hotel where I am planning to stay told me that.
Has anyone done that?

Patricia 1 day ago

Dig App/QR code Solution

Yes, this is true. I live in Germany and had to have my vax card converted at a local pharmacy. They give you a printout that has a QR code on it. If you scan the code, it'll send you to a digital format on your phone that you can then save as a screen shot and keep on your phone. You DO NOT need to have the euro-CV apps on your phone. If you have an iPhone, you can keep the pic in your "Wallet" for quick access.... that's what I have done and have had ZERO issues with any venue across Germany since it went into effect this past summer. Good luck!!

Jason 23 hours ago

U.S. CDC vaccine proof

So they will take my U.S. CDC card to convert it to a digital QR even if I am a tourist and not living there? In your situation, you live there whereas I would just be a tourist.

Patricia 1 hour ago

clubbing... ?

Well... what about clubbing in Berlin ? Not a word ??! Last time I was in Berlin it was a big topic, "will techno clubs be allowed to reopen"... so what happened ? did they open, and if so, aren't they supposed to follow the 2G rule ? or did they completely disappear ?...

JStokowski 14 days ago

re clubbing

clubs have reopened and follow 2G rule.

rumbo 13 days ago

re re clubbing

@rumbo thank you (the article also got updated)

JStokowski 10 days ago

Stop the Great Reset

Berlin is the lion's den for these World Economic Forum psychopaths. They may have captured institutions across the West, but they have not captured the people. Fight them.

Veritas 16 days ago



Eh 2 days ago


This is completely useless unless restaurants actually check. In my experience, including following the enactment of these new rules, they just don't check.

Frustrated 19 days ago


Get fucked, Nazi.

Truth 16 days ago

Restaurants and 2G

You're right - many local joints didn't bother checking regular customers during 3g and may not do so with 2g either. But this may change in the Christmas run-up as these places fill up.

Jonathan Wright 16 days ago

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