Trump supporters in Berlin? We found them



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While there is plenty of evidence that BLM (at least, one of at least five factions of BLM) is run by trained Marxists, the thing that stands out most strongly in this article is how dishonest people are. Not being honest about who you are and what you believe, so as to not lose customers, is disgusting. But then, we live in a world of Instagram filters where everyone is lying about who they truly are anyway. We can't move forward as a people until we all start telling the truth.

As Ram Das said "Love everyone. Tell the truth". It's just a shame it's so hard to love people that lie...

Dave more than 1 year ago

Who are Trump supporters

The reporter's own biases are showing clearly. At least in his third interview he/she managed to avoid the easy route of basically using and repeating what come down to caricatures to downgrade the views of Trump supporters generally.

Islander more than 1 year ago

What of the common good?

Are you saying the conversations with the first two interviewees were misquoted? How do you know? It is hard to find people who support Trump submitting to an interview. And when they do, their reasons for supporting him tend to be less than compelling and often are not based on substantially agreed facts, a rare commodity. The individualism and "freedom" so unthinkingly cherished by Americans is the cause of much of what ails it. It is one thing to take steps to minimise one's taxes but taking pride in doing so shows a complete disregard for the common good.

I am blessed to live in a country which banded together to suppress, if not eliminate, COVID in the national interest and has now just about succeeded in doing so.

Richard Ure more than 1 year ago

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