Do real environmentalists vote green?



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If Germany is to seriously tackle climate change, their unfounded aversion to nuclear energy needs to change, as ALL forms of low-carbon energy must be part of the solution. Many are surprised to find out that nuclear is one of the safest forms of energy and has the lowest carbon footprint: As Germany shuts down nuclear plants, fossil fuels replace that energy need.

Devon 25 days ago


Trump got a lot of hate for pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

He pulled out because the Paris Climate Agreement only offered 8 cents worth of environmental change for ever $1 the US would have to invest.

Trump is a businessman. One of the ways you stay in business is by not wasting money!

This line caught my eye - “Every party needs to make a new manifesto suitable for future generations" - oh my children, politicians think no further forward than the next election. They do not get re-elected by making your grandchildren happy and safe. The way the political system operates doesn't encourage any politician to think further than five years ahead.

"the question is whether a government within the economic system that we live in is even capable of making the radical changes we need." Probably the most useful statement made by anyone interviewed here. Politicians are always connected with the economically powerful, and they don't want to change a system that has put them in their position of power. Our system of government and our economic system go hand in hand.

"What is the right thing to do? And how can we get closest to the right thing to do" seems very weak. I know you can't do anything until you get into power, but why not just do what all politicians do - promise everything, then do the exact opposite to what you promised once you get your feet under the table?!?

Ja ja, I don't have the right to vote anyway. I've been a tax payer here for over a decade, but I'm not a citizen, so I don't seem to have a choice in who my taxes buy suits for...

Donnie 26 days ago


I had a boss that once told me "If a problem can be solved with money it's not a problem". It was very wise advice. Money is just a thing (and, if we look at the banking system, it's not even a "real" thing, just numbers on a screen). The carbon tax will have little effect in curbing carbon emissions - companies will just pass on the costs to their customers in some way, or reduce the wages of their employees. It's unlikely to make any company radically change the way it does business.
And who is going to be responsible for spending the carbon tax? The government? Ha! Great... they are so efficient at these things!

I'm not sure whether I should point out that, since we discovered coal and stopped burning trees as fuel, we've gone from Europe being 10% forests to over 40% forests. Trees love CO2, can't get enough of it! Though we're making the planet a worse place for humans to live (well, a worse place for humans to "do business" and "make profits" - we, as a species, have lived through all kinds of terrible situations) I'm pretty sure the planet will be ok. All that carbon we "produce" has always been here. We don't "produce" it, we "release it back into circulation". We can only use what exists already on the planet - we create nothing new, just rearrange the atoms.

I love the term "renewable energy" - it makes us think that old solar panels don't get buried in the ground as industrial waste. I met a guy in China in 2019 who was designing the electric scooters that fill our Berlin streets. I asked him "are they good for the environment?" His answer "Yes, if each one is ridden for 15 years it balances out." Having seen photos of Uber trashing hundreds of their electric bikes just a few years after they hit the streets I have to question the idea of "sustainable/renewable". I mean, there's a reason why they call them "RARE" earth metals!
I hear that driving an electric car creates the same environmental advantage as sharing your regular car with ONE other person! We can make changes NOW without "changing" anything!

Another thing the "climate change activists" don't seem to understand is that their predictions of our swift demise achieve the opposite result of what they are aiming for. Death anxiety has massive negative effects on environmental concerns - the more we fear death the more we want to see ourselves as seperate to the natural world. And when death is on our minds it pushes us towards mindless entertainment, spending money on shit we don't need, etc. "Fear" does not bring us closer to our Mother - "Love" does that.

I'm sure anyone reading this is saying "climate change deniar", but how can you deny a process that never stops? Lewes in the UK used to be a Roman seaside port. It's 20 miles inland from Brighton...

Anyway, a friend of mine was married to a member of the Green party. He used to ride his bicycle everywhere, until he got a job in parliament and switched to being driven around in an SUV!!!

Gotta love politicians eh?

Dave 26 days ago

Dave oh dave

Gotta love your cherry-picking arguments, eh?

Lol 25 days ago

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