Why is German media so pro-Israel?



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Germans love jews

"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted something about an apartheid state not being a democracy, without mentioning Israel. First of all, if you read that and assume she’s talking about Israel and get mad, then maybe you understand something about Israel you’re not willing to admit to yourself."

I'm not a rabid pro-Israel flag waver but... Uh, Israel is the only country that is called an 'apartheid state' today. Saying that the problem is the reader's interpretation is a poor, half-baked attempt at sidestepping the truth. Honestly, if that's the way Wolff 'interprets' issues, then he cannot be trusted. Not an ounce of honesty there.

BDS-agnostic 82 days ago

The comments prove your point...

The comments here prove your point is the most terrible way possible... All the derailers raging about Hamas etc. Uff...

Kadie 92 days ago

Anti-Israel is not Anti-Semitic

Thank you for speaking up about this!!

Israel is a state founded on the Zionist ideology which is carrying out atrocities and war crimes. It cannot be taken as an example to generalise Jews world-wide.


Mike 93 days ago

I am always amazed by the bubble in which zionists live in

This comment section, as well as the one on facebook, definitely did not pass the vibe check. Dear James below, a better question would in fact be why are you so blinded by the imperialist propaganda that Israelis are the real victims here? Palestine has 0 ground soldiers (Israel has half a million), Palestine has 0 air forces and 0 navy (Israel has 89000 and 20000, respectively). The death toll from the latest assault in Gaza is 200 with nearly 1300 injured, while in Israel it is 10 with 200 injured. Not a single building was completely turned to rubble in Israel. In Gaza? 500. Peoples homes, media offices, offices of organizations, businesses that Palestinians dedicated their lives to. Every death, regardless of the side, is one too many, but to call Israelis victims, when they are in fact by far better protected with US funded, state-of-the-art military defense systems (have you heard of the Iron Dome?), is just factually incorrect. So, let me just say this: Antisemitism should ALWAYS be condemned. But solely focusing on antisemitism right now aids zionism in decentering and DEMONIZING Palestinian liberation. Criticism of the state of Israel or the ideology that is used to justify Israel's crimes DOES NOT EQUAL anti-Semitism.

Shira 115 days ago

What's missing here

Why is the word HAMAS missing from your analysis? You quote several figures- missing are these figures: 12000 Hamas soldiers, 4000 rockets fired at Israeli citizens in a matter of weeks. It’s like a giant Bubble in the center of your comment, that you and others elect to ignore.

Gruen 113 days ago


Hamas is the consequence of totally failed and repressive Israeli policies.
Hamas did not exist in 1948! and if Israel doesn't face reality (Rabin tried and was not murdered by a Palestinian) in 2048 there will be a Babas or Tatas that will make Hamas look like like a Kindergarten. My very wise friend Chaim once mentioned to me "if the British offered us a country that didn't belong to them in the first place, why didn't they offer us Switzerland?" Israel is not Switzerland ... israelis have to find a solution comensurate with the region. Period!

Hilton 48 days ago

i am always amazed by the bubble in which journalists live in

as a German Jew there is hardly any media outlet which is pro israel or jewish friendly,
it funny that you bring an opinion post by a journalist who has a record of writing biased articles against israel.

Max 116 days ago


Yes, I am from Ireland and we have always supported Palestine. That's considered an honourable leftist cause. But here in Germany I have been called an antisemite a few times, always by Germans in response to my support for Palestine. It's quite upsetting, but ultimately I know that these Germans are wrong and will be remembered for being wrong and on the side of ethnic cleansing. Still, they will probably jabber about it long after the fact.

Sive 117 days ago

a better question would be...

Yes, a better question would be, why is the liberal press so biased against Israel? But you already answered that when you said the Palestinians are the victims. A person as biased as you should not be a journalist. The sooner you change careers, the better for your readers.

James 118 days ago

shocking article

I was intrigued to read it, and I actually wasted my time, since this journalist is obviously biased when he says the Palestinians are the victims. Yes, they are victims, but not because of Israel. They are victims because of their leadership that does everything to take their money and invest it in hatred and terror. Who begins all those war acts against the Jews in the last 100 years since the partition plan? Is it Israel or the leadership of Arabs in Gaza? Also, people need to know the history before taking sides. Journalists should report what's really happening and not taking sides like the media does whenever it concerns Israel. According to history, Palestine (which was called so by the Roman empire to disconnect the Jews from their land) was an entity in which Jews were living along with the Arabs also under the British mandate. By the way, there was a Jewish newspaper called "The Palestine Post" and some of the Jews in Israel still have their Palestina i IDs.
After the UN partition plan, the Arabs started pogroms against the Jews in 1919. In 1947 Jews accepted the partition plan, Arabs didn't and started a war against the Jews activating 6 Arab countries against the Jews, but they lost this war, Israel was established (renaming it as in the bible) and until today the Arabs in Gaza and West Bank refused to any peace deal, no matter how generous that was. It shows the leadership of the other side is not fighting Israel over territory rather they want all the Jews will be gone "from the river to the sea" as they say themselves. So who is the victim here? Jews built a state in 70 years with lot's of what to offer to the world (medical technologies and innovations, water, and agriculture technologies, hi-tech, and so on). What did Arabs leadership in Gaza and WB did for their citizens? The school books there teaching the children a false narrative, that their land had been stolen, instead of investing in the education system and infrastructure for their future, they invest the money in terror against Israel and preaching hate and antisemitism instead of coexistence. Even the WHO which is supposed to be a non-political body is biased against Israel when it criticized Israel, saying nothing against the 4400 rockets fired from civilian areas in Gaza at Israeli innocent citizens. No, Israel is not perfect, but it has to deal with the terror organizations that surround it, making innocent lives on both sides miserable. So when the day will come and there will be a true and unbias report in the world media and international organizations regarding this small conflict, then we can say justice and truth are the values that are leading our societies.

Boba 117 days ago


Maybe you missed the part about which state is colonizing which territory, evicting people in the process?

Bob 114 days ago


And why it happened that Gaza got occupied by Israel military? Please remind me who started that war ;)

Dmitry 112 days ago

shocking article

after reading this interview and refusing to think a bit and instead getting mad, then maybe you are realising something about Israel you’re not willing to admit to yourself.

Haz 114 days ago

the "better question" has really got an obvious answer...

It's pretty obvious way: because Israel's governments have been right wing and nationalists since they became US allies. Sharon in particular is a levantine version of Trump. And the guy who's about to replace him is even more nationalistic. Of course the progressive press is against them... should Israel get a progressive leadership, things will probably change. But we know that their electoral system makes it pretty much impossible.

Harriet 105 days ago

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