Fake masks, dodgy deals: corruption in the age of Covid-19



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Putin's muscles

Putin and his cronies never served in the Soviet or Russian army, and their asses were never kicked by Ukrainian or Belorussian NCOs, alas.

Otherwise they wold behave different.Back in the dark days of the USSR Ukrainian soldiers and NCOs were the pride of the Soviet commanding officers.

Sadly, many politruks were also of Ukrainian origin.

Private Valerij Goldshtein (demobilized)

Aharon Goldstein 8 days ago


lock those fuckers up!!!

Dave 33 days ago


Dave, your idea is not bad, but it will cost too much to Germany economy. Why not to crash their balls (bejcem) by Ukrainian women in Berlin.They are the best at it.

Aharon Goldstein 7 days ago

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