dieBasis: Inside Germany's anti-lockdown party



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Deleting replies now. The New Normal.

It is all you have left.

Veritas 8 days ago

What was the point of this piece?

"Political party publicly denies its extremist and insane policies in order to mainstream itself" is not news. That said, love how the supporters in the comments are even nuttier than dibasis.

Smiley 10 days ago


The author is clearly suffering the classic "everything I don't like is right wing" confused feeling.

Kiel 10 days ago

Light on facts

I would agree. I am an American living in Germany, and my wife is German. She is a party member. I would be, but cannot join as I am not a citizen. Die Basis is largely a left-wing party, and many members are Greens who have lost faith in the Green Party as it slides toward authoritarianism in league with global capitalists.

Also, most Basis members are quite aware of the agenda behind the lockdowns. It is the Great Reset agenda of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. The lockdowns and measures will not end until passports are taken up at a rate of 80 percent, which will lead to the WEF's own Self-Sovereign Identity pass that will allow them to monitor and control your behavior, as all of your records online, in banking, and in health are accessable and linked. A control system. Companies such as Thales and IBM are working directly with the WEF and the German government to enable this. I have personally worked on documents related to this subject.

Lastly, I have yet to attend a Stammtisch where even one Basis member suggested that there were competing interests or typical political maneuvering involved. There is a clear plan behind what is going on, and the Basis stands against it. A good source on much of this information is Rainer Fuellmich's Corona Ausschuss committee (see YouTube or Odysee). Perhaps the author needs to do more research next time.

Veritas 10 days ago

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