Megan's Megacan: A Kind of Lockdown



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Male host is nice

I am not really a fan of having Megan in the podcast, she seems a bit reckless and not really informative, and doesn't let the male host talk. I'd rather just listen to the male host alone, and I agree with him on his view on this Dr.Dorsten whom everyone is having a insane crush on.

Lori more than 1 year ago


Dear Lori,
I almost entirely agree with you. I find it difficult not to talk over people at the best of times and not being in the same room as Konrad (social distancing!) makes it even worse apparently. I'm working on it! I'm afraid though that nobody will ever convince me that Herr Drosten is not the best thing ever. I do hope you keep listening despite this. And thank you for the feedback!

Megan more than 1 year ago

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