The anti-Google alliance



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It's amazing to see how Berlin is selling its soul and spitting on its own past and dead ones at the same time.
But especially in this case... to Google...

I hope money comes to stay, otherwise I wonder who will want to move to Berlin to transform this shithole into something interesting. I doubt businessmen or Dubai tourists will from their 2.000€-per-month apartments/Hilton rooms.

Worst thing is clearly to see how the charisma and unic places disappear from the map like the wrinkles from the face of a surgery-addicted.

Without them, and changing the small commerce (or killing it rather with indigestible rents) for "coffee gourmet shops AKA shitty coffee grain tea 6€/cup", you have nothing but a grey flat mass that will have nothing that London/Paris/whatever hasn't.

Everything's condemned. Maybe we should just move to a new city, and start the circle again.

Miss Vanjie more than 3 years ago

The gentrifier... always someone else. Never you.

Old-Timer more than 3 years ago

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