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stupid picture

The colours black, white and red arranged one below the other are the colours of the flag of the nation first fought by the Nazis, namely the German Empire, or Germany in its last sovereign form. To associate this flag with Nazis is an insult to all Germans who opposed them then and now. In addition, your text is wrongly researched, the borders of 1937 were officially determined by the Allies after World War 2, only the knowledge about it was lost in the population in the chaos of the post-war period, but even the CDU politician Theo Waigel confirmed it again publicly in the 90s. Furthermore the restoration of these borders and thus the complete reunification of Germany is the prerequisite for an official peace treaty, which would finally conclude World War 2. This allows 3 conclusions, either you Exberliner are stupid, ignorant or even secret Nazis who want to avoid peace on the side of the losers.

William Miller more than 1 year ago

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