Head-to-head: What should we do with big landlords?



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Volt did not convince me

“Your fundamental right to own property isn’t worth as much.”

You're confused. This is saying "you don't have a fundamental right to speculate on the fundamental right of other humans to afford housing". It has nothing to do with the right to own property, since it will be compensated at a fair, non-speculative value, without the absurd and artificial inflation of the last few years.

You say "We have to" a lot, but you won't get elected, and the choice you're offering doesn't actually exist. The choice is between expropriate DW, or stay in the current situation.

Simon 6 days ago

The Volt guy convinced me

I was planning to vote yes in the referendum, just because I like the idea of a more social and fair housing market in our town. I haven't really looked at the figures and numbers behind the referendum to be honest.
After reading about the pros and cons, I have to admit that the position of Mr. Meyer makes a lot of sense to me. It is possible to vote no in the referendum, but to still support tenants and "left wing" housing politics.
I don't know much about Volt yet, but I really like their pragmatic and science based approach.

Lucas 9 days ago

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