The “suicide” of judge Kirsten Heisig



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I say: Kirsten Heisig was murdered/ executed, for knowing too much and speaking up

Now that the commemoration day of her death is recurring the second time, I would like to emphasise your article, it's great someone's looking at it from all angles: According to what finally was revealed by police and reported by said journalist Wisniewski, Kirsten Heisig's body was found in 5 to 6 metres height; police had to use ladders to retrieve it from there; I am still wondering what became of her dog... In documentaries on the web it is obvious how much she, despite her strictness, nevertheless was appreciated and loved by ethnic communities who praise her and remain grateful for her policy till today. The mafia-like structured and organised large families ruling Neukölln have made it impossible to continue discussions about why an outstanding courageous woman would lead a battle for crime prevention, finally write a book and then end her life shortly before its publication (which apparently also contained material on child trafficking and those responsible) without so much as a letter, outspoken as she was also in front of cameras... There is enough space for private doubt and not so private accusations of cowardice addressed at the ones in charge...

Niassa more than 9 years ago

Kirsten Heisig

Of-course she was murdered, the World is full of shit, end of story.

Kim more than 2 years ago

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