Save Berlin: The art of unfriendliness



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Soulless Berlin

I've been to many countries and many cities and lived in new york, paris, london as well as mumbai and zurich...but when i visited Berlin I was most disappointed. The city simply has no soul, german people have got to be the most lifeless, boring, xenophobic, sad and miserable people in the world...their country has a seriously low rate of birth even for western standards and yet they have all this attitude of superiority...but anyway berlin is a very very sad place to live....despite being the capital of germany, it has nothing compared to paris, london or new fact no german city has a soul to think of it really. I find germans also the most unfriendly people in the world....they lack any enthusiasm for life and the future...i think german society yas become very mechanical and germans have started behaving more like robots than humans....all of europe is changing and the countries that open up, accept the world today are better off....but germany seems a very closed minded extremely sad place to live...I hated Berlin..not for anything else but the people.....they really suck....and have absolutely no flair for life at all.

Worldtraveller more than 8 years ago


A punk-run cupcake shop and metal-head whiskey tasting = Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle. Yep that pretty much sums up the entire content of Exberliner. I guess you missed the long articles about breast cancer, racism in theatre and the plight of a transgender girl - to name a few recent stories. Or is that stuff too Carrie for you as well?

ASD more than 9 years ago

apartment prices rising

In every city I've lived in I've seen apartment prices steadily rising
surely that's on of the main points of Western Consumer culture - to get steadily richer from the service you supply - whether that's through being a landlord or being an artist. We all expect to earn steadily more as we get older, since we become more skilled at what we do, have higher expenses (e.g., starting a family)
I don't understand why people expect Berlin to be different. It's the CAPITAL CITY of one of the wealthiest countries in Europe!!!

If we really want to keep this city the way we like it, every single one of us will have to stop being greedy, even if that greed is only to have just a little more. Greed is the thing that's got society into the big mess it's in in the whole of the Western world.

Dave the Chimp more than 9 years ago

Reality Check

Bavarian highbrows my ass. Have you read your own paper lately? It's all about cupcake shops and whiskey tastings and of course your well-overpriced rental listings. Do you really think you still have a toe planted in an old school Kreuzberg audience while you continously promote the Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle that is displacing them? It's time to take a hard look in the mirror xberliner. I believe you'll see that there is a clear line between unbiased journalism and outright hypocrisy.

evn more than 9 years ago

"The Art of Unfriendliness"

Dear Dan Borden,
Just read your article "The Art of Unfriendliness" and couldn't agree more with almost all your points. I've lived here for almost 10 years now and have seen the apartment prices rising steadily. Your "five flavours of urban discomfort" gave me some interesting things to think about.
Thanks for the great article!
Martin Arnaudet

Martin Arnaudet more than 9 years ago


I just bought an appartment close to Oranienplatz. I'm renting now a Harry Gerlach Flat... burn me...

ed more than 9 years ago

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