The Oktoberfest bombing

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cake3.0 more than 1 year ago

With this bomb we saved World piece! part 2

...(We did not use the airways for communication, because somebody could listening in.)
A flare was ideal for this purpose. Unfortunately the trigger man made a slightly mistake. Hi distanced him a little too much from the bomb and could not see that…

Our genius is right – as always. Everybody can investigate as long as he want, but nobody must ever mention the name of this physicist, never speak his name, never ask for his name. There has indeed absolute silence as to this day. The order of comrade Wagner must further be followed – and for all times: “This Physicist & his inventions does not exist!”

All actions against this physicist run under the codename “Einstein”.
Due to the wise and farsighted planning of comrade Wagner, a genius in the fight against scientists, we developed the eliminating of our enemies to an art form.
Nobody is able to connect the dots.
"Die Bekämpfung der imperialistischen Ost- und DDR-Forschung und ihrer Einrichtungen in der BRD", Doktorarbeit an der juristischen Hochschule Potsdam von Dr. jur. Hans-PeterWagner, geb.19.09.1940, Hauptmann des SSD (Staatssicherheitsdienst der ehemaligen "DDR") und Dr. jur. Dietrich Erwin, Major, 18.11.32, JHS, GVS MfS 160 - 50/74 I/II, magna, 31.05.74.

You learn from a genius.
Today the German Government is on our site, because they forbid any publication about this man.

Wolfhart Willimczik more than 6 years ago

With this bomb we saved World piece!

A dying Stasi officer told this story about the Oktoberfest bombing:

First you have to know who is revealing the naked truth about the bomb 1980
I am a certified secret agent of the East German secret police. (Every lawyer can see the papers at the highest state attorney from Germany.)
How did we saved the world on this day?
Remember in the second word war has been discussions to kill scientists of the enemy, because some are more important than a general. The Americans had never the guts to do it, but we:
One nuclear physicist in the GDR had ideas. Therefore, we secured him by putting him in jail in Potsdam under the capable hands of our STASI-captain Hans Peter Wagner. (We never wanted a public affair as with Professor Haveman, also a Physicist at the academy of science in Berlin –East.)
Unfortunately there was a secret contract to sell every political prisoner to the West.
We had to let him go, but we kept his Family, because it was planed to kill him later in the

West like many other released prisoners too. Comrade Wagner demanded strictly that no one shell even recognize the killing, even if we kill a dozen others to cover it up. In addition our capable comrades at the BLKA (secret police of Bavaria) KHK Muelbauer and Luginger made the well known bomb maker G. Koehler from the right wing carrying the bomb for us. We had the trigger to make sure he will not speak afterwards. By that many casualties will nobody believe that it was done to kill one man only.
After the investigator KHK Muehlbauer saw the written confirmation in his file that this physicist was a danger to shift the military balance between East and West at the Verfassungsschutz (federal office…). He had to act and gave the signal to start the action to kill the physicist. There is how it was done:
A friend of the physicist, our comrade Hildegard Manhard at the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (largest newspaper in Bavaria), invited – as every year – him to the Oktoberfest in Munich. She will meet him 22°° at the main entrance…

She never came of course, but the inventor was on time. Unfortunately G. K. was still arguing. He could not understand why he should carry the bomb and another one will remotely detonate it and refused that somebody else was touching his bomb. It took a while to convince him that this was the safest way for him.
In the meantime we would loose the physicist in the crowed. Therefore, an old “friend” from the jail in Cottbus meat him - accidentally as always – and prevented that we loose him in the crowed. Unfortunately he was not really prepared for a conversation and his “body guard” – giving him by us - Wolfgang Grams, was not available.
The target person lost interest and went strait back to the entrance he was coming from – obviously going home.
Now – one comrade gave the signal with the flare. Everybody could see it, but only one man had known what it means – the man with the trigger…
(We did not use the airways for communication, because somebody could

Wolfhart Willimczik more than 6 years ago

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