The rubble years in numbers

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Book titled Born to War

My wife of 55 years, and I, have written a book about her experiences during and following WWII up through the Berlin Airlift. The book, Born to War, by Christa Ingrid (Ruden) Reynolds is now at the publisher and should be available in paperback and ebook format in 6-8 weeks. She lived in Neukoelln near the cemetery at the end of Tempelhof Airfield. Her mother and aunt foraged to stay alive in the early days following the war, and then they became Truemmerfrauen. Everyone owes a debt of gratitude to these women who played a crucial role in the shaping and recovery of postwar Germany, which in turn played a significant part in shaping postwar Europe.

The importance of these Truemmerfrauen is spoken of In the book. Also, a complete chapter honors West Berliners in their stand against communism, a stand for which they collectively knew that they would pay a high price by way of initial deprivation and uncertainty, and a stand which in the end would bring economic and personal freedom to all of Germany. Without the steadfastness of the beaten and battered West Berliners, it is likely that the Western Allies would have been forced out of Berlin, in which case European history might well read quite differently today.

Merton Dean Reynolds more than 5 years ago

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