Who are my unvaccinated friends and why didn’t they get their jabs?



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Go get vaccinated

I rarely comment on articles, but I feel like I need to endorse the crowd which is here to criticize the quality of this, so called "journalistic" piece. Apart from the Ukrainian woman, which I can understand her worries of being illegal and not in a comfortable situation to request for public health assistance, I have no sympathy at all for the rest of vaccine deniers.
We're currently at the highest rate of Covid-19 cases and we're not at all short of vaccines to immunize the whole population. This is not the case in many countries in Africa or Asia, and they need more help than we, developed countries with structured healthcare systems, do. That being said, vaccines are not a choice, but a civil responsibility. It's not about your esoteric beliefs with scented candles in Neukölln or your ignorance, it's about saving lives of the most vulnerable.
I did, too have strong side-effects after my first shot from Pfizer, but it didn't change my mind to get the second one, which was as strong as the first, and it won't change my mind to get a booster soon.
I really have the impression that Sarah and Oliver are exaggerating their stories so they can gather sympathy from the readers, which fortunately, it didn't work for me and many others. Thanks to you, we may still be having a pandemic for the coming years.

Get your vaccines 41 days ago

The intelligent ones!

The unjabbed are the intelligent and moral people who don’t give in to peer pressure and are not stupid enough to be irreversibly injected with poisons that have led to many deaths and severe, permanent disability in many peopl, including children, over a weak virus that almost exclusively kills sick, unhealthy, unfit geriatrics whose deaths greatly improve society and prevents the deaths of much younger, healthier, capable and contributing members of society.

Anyone sprouting shit like this stupid article won’t have any unjabbed friends for long though, and with the way that many of the evil jabbed zombies are behaving, applauding discrimination against perfectly healthy unjabbed people, even if you are one of the “nice” ones, you chose your side by getting the jab, so your intelligent pure blooded friends will still drop you.

Oh, and the stupid jabs don’t even prevent people from getting, spreading or dying from the virus anyway! So dumb the idiots getting the jab and risking their lives whilst not actually reducing virus transmission at all. Actually, if the jabs do what they claim and reduce symptoms, they make it much more likely that you will have the virus, not know about it, have no symptoms, and go around infecting way more people than someone who is unjabbed and then gets mild, moderate or even severe symptoms and therefore stays home or is (in a tiny number of cases) confined to a hospital room. Also, the rotten, evil jabbed zombies are allowed to go to pubs and clubs and spread their shit all over the place, but the pure bloods cannot, so they aren’t spreading anything. Of course, the main thing that the jabbed filth spread is their arrogance, self-righteousness, judgementality and stupidity!

Brenton 42 days ago

We Get it

They're scared. Governments have squandered the public trust for decades and left some people convinced of them having diabolical intents. But what we need from them now is courage and that courage could come from something called "science".

The fear: The vaccines aren't working.
Science: Check the infection rates btw the vaxxed and the unvaxxed. No vaccine is going to work all of the time but these vacines are definitely working, esp. their immune cell functions that prevent serious illness.

The Fear: mRNA technology is too new and untested.
The Science: mRNA was first used in 1989. The first human trial was 2001. The first mRNA vaccine was trialed in 2013. The technology has been exhaustively tested.

The Fear: GDR government propaganda.
The Science: The GDR had a clear and obvious motive to prevent people from the strong appeal of capitalism. It was also a deeply corrupt and brutal system that imprisoned dissidents. Our current republic, though marginally corrupt, is clearly none of these things and had no motive for vaccination as propaganda.

So please gather your courage and do your part before you force oppression upon yourselves.

The Real Genesen 49 days ago

Good advice

Thank you!!

Debbie 42 days ago

Shameful distortion of truth

"you force oppression upon yourselves"

Alex 15 days ago


Will the next printed edition of ExBerliner come with a little make-your-own tinfoil hat kit?
Or will you publish it straight to Telegram.

Thank you for this incredibly ignorant post. Will never buy you again.

Aluminium 49 days ago


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SUSAN 49 days ago


thank you for this hilarious Comment Section! the only thing funnier was this car-crash you call an #article

thank you 49 days ago

Now I understand wars

I'm double jabbed and most of my friends are. I too agree that ExBerliner could have added some comments to the article and that some of the things they publish seem to be contradictory. They published another article calling people who don't get vaccinated morons, so I got really confused on the content of this one.

In this chaos many of us forget that the difference between democracy and a totalitarian state is wether you foster a conversation and listen to different opinions, or you repress everything that doesn't align with your views. In China for example, people are not allowed to express their thoughts because they are "harming and poisoning society".

The only thing we know for sure is that we don't know what the best solution to end the pandemic is (many scientists said themselves, we are learning as we go). This is clearly visible in the fast paced change of strategies and decision making we see everyday. Vaccination is not the only solution as we've seen in countries where the percentage of fully vaccinated people is really high, yet they're still fighting with the virus.

I think it's great that we were able to develop a vaccine that is able to protect a lot of people to a certain degree, however, I'm utterly horrified by the radical views and comments on this article.

I now really understand how people get into wars, how easy it is to transform people into radical thinkers that vilify and are prepared to dehumanize whoever doesn't share their beliefs. I understand you're frustrated, but treasure the opinion of the people that think differently, as this is the reason why you're able to speak up you mind in the first place. Today you quiet and offend them, tomorrow you'll be quieted yourself.

history repeats itself and you're helping big time 50 days ago

Shit company, shit article

Opinions =/= Facts

It's great to present different opinions.

It's completely irresponsible to present them without the context of facts.

But looks like ExBerliner is on its way to quiet itself for good. Probably about time, since they live out of unpaid interns and abusing labor laws.

Max Beer 49 days ago


Thanks for writing this

Golsa 48 days ago

Completely agree with Max Beer

I've really had enough with this opinionated morons who refuse to get the vaccines.

It's not about your personal opinion when this virus is taking the lives of people every single day. And that could've been prevented if people were more reasonable.

It's not about your personal opinion when you deliberately choose ignorance over facts and science.

It's about their egoism and despicable spoiled first-world privilege to refuse to get vaccinated when you live in a developed country with enough available immunization, while other countries in less developed areas are struggling to get a decent amount of jabs.

I'm really rooting for the mandatory vaccines proposed for next year. And not only that, people who don't want the shots and get infected, if they need to go to ICU they shouldn't be covered by any insurance. Let them pay the price for their "choice".

Sick of the anti-vaxxers 40 days ago

New age nazism - woke style

Glad to see the many morally inept comments from mentally obtuse Nazis. “I can’t wait for mandatory vaccines”….

Government force, coercion, and public shaming to get a desired result. How very “German” of you.

Glad to live in America where we still have a constitution and don’t have to answer to “papers, please”.

Hulk 31 days ago


This article is great! Thank you ! It reflects peoples opinions WITHOUT putting them straight into the corner. It clearly outlines peoples concerns and their thoughts , which are all acceptable ! The comments here below are nasty, and mostly stupid: it looks like many here are brainwashed and do not even think a minute about "free will" and do not accept different thinking. I feel ashamed for this narrow minded thinking.

MS 50 days ago

Well said Karen

Same! I defeated Covid just by drinking some bleach every day. We need more free thinker OPINIONS.

Joking, you are exactly the reason this poorly written article is miserable: It emboldens the crazies and the stupid, regardless of the reality of facts.

Get your vaccine and shut up.

Bro Jogan 50 days ago

Oh Snap!

Thank god for media led talking points and buzzwords. We might have been completely spared of your contribution otherwise.

Palex Aones (Am I doing it right?) 49 days ago

Bleach gurgling at its finest

No need to, if you continue this way, COVID will spare you for all of us anyways :)

Essential Oil 49 days ago

Nobody cares

Now please get your vaccine.

Dr Fauci 49 days ago

Kill yourself!

Kill yourself and permanently shut up you stupid, evil bitch!

Brenton 42 days ago

Face the facts

“Nasty” “brainwashed” = “I don’t like people asking for facts”

It’s absolutely fine interviewing people on their opinions - but you seem to forget a proper journalistic article, which has a responsibility to inform people during a major health crisis, has to be backed up with facts about the overwhelming efficacy and safety of the vaccine, to counteract people’s fact-free opinions.

Ben 49 days ago

Not safe!

They are not safe at all you idiot! Many children have died from the poison jabs from things such as heart issues which should not affect children, all over a weak virus that children pretty much never die from, not so many, if any, healthy people, and few people under 50yoa also.

Brenton 42 days ago

Most irresponsible article I’ve read in a long time

In what sane world does this now count as journalism? Especially now, with virus rates at a record high in Germany? As a journalist, you have a responsibility to inform the public. Instead, you’re giving these opinions an un-filtered, un-checked platform, no context, nada. It’s as bad as Fox News. And it’s hard to see any sense of responsibility in that.

another EXB survivor 50 days ago

Some insights

For those wondering how this incredible article got published: The writer, and editor-in-chief, is also the owner of ExBerliner.

The company hasn't been remotely sustainable in 18 (!) years. Instead, the owner relies on the contributions of unpaid "interns". Said "interns" actually work as editors in a dreadful office climate where the "editor-in-chief" takes great pleasure to verbally abuse her "staff" in the most unprofessional ways.

In this environment, and as the magazine readership continues to decline (-50% in one year!), there is simply no one to invite the "editor-in-chief" to stop and maybe things through.

So in way ExBerliner really represents Berlin: The poor, unprofessional, and abusive one the City is finally getting rid of.

ExBerliner survivor 50 days ago

Fellow survivor

I used to work for EXB too and I feel like I could have written this comment

Anon 49 days ago

Facts required

This could’ve been a good article but it gives far too much exposure to anti-vax or vax hesitant OPINION.
Therefore their opinions should’ve been countered with facts.

Anyway, I think we’ve all run out of patience with the vaccine hesitant. If you want to take your chances ending up on a ventilator, you go for it.

Ben 51 days ago

No patience for you!

And the pure bloods have entirely run out of patience with you self-righteous, judgemental, Satanic jabbed zombie filth!!!! It is obvious that the only way for healthy pure bloods to save our own lives and get our basic human rights back is to kill all of you disgusting, filthy-blooded poisoned zombie slaves of Satan ASAP, so watch your backs demons because we are coming for you and are going to vanquish you to Hell where you all belong you evil, disgusting garbage!!!

Brenton 42 days ago

Classic ExBerliner

Hey Nadja, how about you stop abusing your unpaid interns, and learn how to write? You could learn a lot from them, both stylistically and humanely. This article is a laughing stock.

Sinking ship 51 days ago

No sympathy left

Sadly, I have no sympathy left for the wilfully un-vaccinated.

This article would be a lot more useful if the author took the time to think about what can be done to convince her friends.

Bob 51 days ago



Ben 51 days ago

No sympathy for you dickhead!

And I have zero sympathy for you when you die from blood clots or heart complications from the jab or die from AIDS because your immune system is so thoroughly destroyed after 20 booster shots (if you last that long which hopefully you won’t). I also have no sympathy that you will rot in Hell for eternity for being so stupid to be irreversibly jabbed with something with zero medium or long-term safety data, not to mention that they were all developed by criminal big-pharma companies using aborted foetal cells, so they are all abortion tainted and therefore and afront and massive insult to God.

Brenton 42 days ago

Best article in ages

Not your usual boring propaganda. Good job.

G 51 days ago


Yes, good job validating crazy no vaxxer. Shame on you, please return the support the State has given you during the pandemie.

Deplorable 51 days ago


What the Hell is a “pandemie”?!?

Brenton 42 days ago

Let's all write to the "Partners and Sponsors"

Let's see how proud they are of purchasing sponsored content on an anti-vaxxer website.

Hit them in the wallet 51 days ago

One sided left ist nonesense

Typical day one sided anti vaxer tripe. How about putting a two sided article out there for once. you are a terrible waste of time. This site I rarely look at now as it is it’s own self obsessed nonsense

Trevor 52 days ago

Stupid article

only idiots would publish this.

inadequate people 52 days ago

Lazy Journalism

It's one thing to present contrarian views in an unjudgmental way.
It's lazy writing and careless to present them without the context of fact-checking.

These are quick questions to random crazies.

In journalism school, this article wouldn't have passed. How can be someone so junior be the "editor in chief" of anything?

Bad writing, and bad ethics from the author.

Shame on you exberliner 53 days ago

absolutely agree

Absolutely agree, this article would be laughed out of journalism school.

Ram 52 days ago


Wow - I just checked https://www.exberliner.com/topics/nadja_vancauwenberghe/ posting history.

This website is run by a conspiracy nutjob.

No more public founding please 54 days ago

Great timing!

Germany just passed 100K COVID related deaths.

Well done, ExBerliner. Perfect moments to give a stage to the strange beliefs of the crazy and the ignorant, no matter how unscientific or harmful they are.

How about hosting a group of pedophiles next? Sure their opinion matter like everyone's else no matter the harm to society, according to your logic.

I used to buy ExBerliner, but in recent times the drop in quality has been incredible. Now I go out of my way to warn others of your insanity. Well done!

Saved the article to the WayBack Machine. It will haunt you one day.

Out of Business 54 days ago

thank you

for this brilliant, unjudgemental piece.

David 54 days ago


Yea ExBerliner! Did you even think for a minute that you need to think about how people can't think for themselves and you need to think for them? Don't you think it would help if you just stopped all the wrongthink??? What were you thinking?? Yvonne down below told me the vaccine was the holy grail and that we need to work together to end it! I thought the newspapers said that the virus will become endemic but now I think I don't know what to think and I could really use your help ExBerliner! I really want to be like those people that always think right!

Confused 54 days ago

I love it when idiots think they can think.

Confused goes apeshit when readers ask for a simple clarification of facts. His fantasies are so much truer than the facts themselves! I don't mind XB looking into the mindset of the unvaccinated. Many (not Confused) deserve our sympathy, compassion, and assistance on the road to their eventual mandated vaccinations. But yes, out and out untruths need to be clarified as such. And this would be true as much in a celebrity profile as in the coverage of a deadly pandemic that has been extended precisely because of the unvaccinated.

Dr. Love 54 days ago

Mandate this bitch!

You need a mandated bullet to your head!

Brenton 42 days ago

editors here?

Did you at Exberliner one minute thought about putting that interviews into context with facts? Or commenting these interviews, especially Leo, Oliver and Ilya, who are mostly speaking nonsense. You at Exberliner give them a stage! Think about it. It would be better to write of the "I dont mind if so many people die, that's nature-attitude".
For Irina (just try to get legal here, otherwise they will get you anyway sooner or later) and Sarah (poor thing, and: getting a fake pass puts you into jail one day), this reasons are good to read.

Hospital staff defender 54 days ago


totally agree with this comment!
Guys at Exberliner, come on!

Paulina Gonzalez 54 days ago


ExBerliner has an editor in chief? Do they read ExBerliner? Probably not, since most Nathaniel Flakin columns hosted by this publication make zero sense.

Marx 54 days ago

Virus protection and boosters.

When the virus emerged people clamoured for a fix - no matter what - so that the risk of organ damage or worse, death, could be minimised. The vaccines were quickly produced to affect the way the virus enters the body. They were tested. They were the holy grail. And now 30% of people won’t take them - this is ludicrous. They’ll allow more to die after wave upon wave. This virus won’t end by itself. It needs a 💯 effort. And now with a winter of flu and Corona the boosters are needed. I’m hoping the unvaccinated are able to see the logic in mass vaccination. It’s saved us from so much harm in the past.

Yvonne 54 days ago

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