Apocalypse how?

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apocalypse now...

Bad times for vegetarians, isnt it?

Mark more than 8 years ago

Zombie Apocalypse

Should the hackers scenario take place (or any other scenario that stops food reaching supermarkets) how long will it be before certain members of society are hungry enough to start killing and eating people? THIS is the way a zombie apocalypse will happen - people losing their minds through hunger. Think that's unlikely? Most people in this city don't care enough about their neighbours to pick up their dog shit, give up their seat on the bus to an old lady, hold a door open for someone, say thank you, etc, so what makes you think they'll give a shit about you when they're starving and you turn into a roasted chicken in their hunger-addled mind?
I would hope that, in an emergency, we all pull together, just like Londoners in the Blitz, but it would be a lot better if we all pulled together now, got our heads out of our iPhones, and spent a little more time thinking about making life better for others. It doesn't take much, just think about yourself less. You're not that important, despite what you may think! We're all in this thing together, whatever it is, so let's help each other. Maybe if we'd been doing that the last 50 years we wouldn't have wrecked the planet quite so badly as we have done.
Well, I stocked up with a little tinned fruit, water and UHT milk, and there's some bread in the freezer, so if some madness happens I should be able to keep my family alive for a week. Then I'm a gonna EAT them!!!
Merry Christmas x

Dave the Chimp more than 8 years ago

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