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DAS Akademie Berlin

I have had a really good experience in a very small group at DAS Akademie Berlin:

Leda more than 2 years ago

Sprachart Berlin

I could recommend Sprachart Berlin. There were 9 students in my class, and our teacher was making sure everybody had spoken during the class. I learned important grammar and had a chance to significantly improve my speaking skills (that was most important for me). The school staff was really helpful and nice to everyone. The teacher was giving feedback and correcting mistakes in a polite and efficient way. And the course fees were among the cheapest from what I had found.

Birgit more than 4 years ago

Speakeasy is awful

I don´t recommend Speakeasy, it´s a waste of time: overcrowded classes where you spend a lot of time with stupid activities (drawing seasons, true story) but the grammar is scarce and poorly explained. The teacher didn´t even correct people when we made mistakes speaking!!

Anne more than 5 years ago

Transmitter Berlin is AWESOME

Great and affordable school- small classes and the teachers make sure you understand before moving on to the next thing. Cosy and very enjoyable and cookies were always provided :)

Alexandra Moon-Age more than 6 years ago

Re: Babylonia

This time round we focused on some of Berlin's newest language schools, but Babylonia comes highly recommended- even from a member of the Exberliner team. Thanks for the suggestion! :-)

Gavin Christopher Doyle more than 9 years ago

and and ..

babylonia schule is also a very good school for expat!
Teachers are amazing and people who are studying too.
Around 150e a month, intensive class (4hours / 4 days a week)
There is also free school, integration class, but of course less funny.

nicolas more than 9 years ago

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