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Seeking Germain burlesque in August

I will be traveling to Germany during 3rd week of August 2012. My daughter is a Cabaret-Burlesque scholar, and I have promised her a Dad-Daughter week filled with the quasi erotic shows inspired by Weimar era Berlin. We aren't seeking strip club, but preferably higher quality dance-theater numbers such as those glamorized in Cabaret (Liza Minnelli) and Burlesque (Cher).

Unfortunately, as the travel date approaches, I am drawing a blank!. Do these shows exist anywhere in Germany?

Munich & Berlin have a few burlesque events in March and fewer in September. But I can't find any in August. I would even enjoy dress rehearsals, if full blown dinner theaters are not available. I have read about Queen Calavera in Hamburg, n the North and far from our plans. I would greatly prefer Bavaria (Munich), Berlin or even Frankfurt to the west (we fly into Frankfurt).

It's getting late. We leave in a week. If anyone has suggestions, please call or write directly. Include a phone number and I will call back promptly

Burlesque (at) starbus (d0t) com
USA+1 (5O8) 485.. 695O

Ellery more than 8 years ago


er fin de siècle 1929? thats just wrong and shows the author of this peice to be a ponce

Poncy more than 10 years ago

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