Berlin’s tap water: How paranoid should you be?



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Filtering water

My healing therapist advised me to filter the water. Some of my friends criticized her by saying that these people have "special ideas". Nonetheless, I went ahead and bought a filter. I can now taste the difference when I am given tap water. I often clear the tank of the slime that gathers at the bottom. I certainly would not like that crap going through my system....

Eve Ribeiro more than 5 years ago

Berlin Water System

On a recent visit to Berlin , I was struck by the number of above-ground large blue pipes. These are set alongside
buildings and even bridge over main roads. Are these part of the former Eastern Sector public water system?

Peter Lane more than 7 years ago

Berlin Water System

The above-ground pipes have to do with a groundwater issue in Berlin. When excavating and building new structures, the groundwater has to be continually pumped out of the excavation site. These pipes are used to do that, and most of them lead back to the River Spree.

Joe more than 7 years ago

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