Berlin’s tennis courts: The tried, tired and true




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Tennis league Berlin

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Danko Greiner more than 3 years ago

Hardly 'public' friendly courts!

These don't seem to public friendly. Where are the courts where you can just turn up and play?

Dudestar more than 7 years ago

Public Journalism trumps Corporate Journalism.


Many thanks for this wonderful helpful-info-packed piece of what I call 'public journalism'; ie, journalism of the people; ie, the general public, and by the people; ie, the likes of you Annabel, and for the people, again, the general public.

In this piece, I can honestly say that; Public Journalism, as defined above, has for once trumped the usual mundane sometimes nauseatic Corporate Journalism that is often forcefully shoved down the general public's throat much to their chagrin.

Riddle-Wrecker. more than 9 years ago

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