Berlin’s beautiful: Miss Germany 2010!

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As we say in America...

I'd hit it.... I don't know where somebody got the impression that she is stuck on herself. Sounds like she's confident to me. Freud said there was such a thing as Health Narcissism so she qualifies as that, I don't have an issue with it.

Anthony Thomas more than 11 years ago


That the bulk of yr Miss Germany sentiment relies on how "ugly" she is. This isn't really about whether the woman is ugly or not, but the fact that she is Miss Germany reveals something about what Germany thinks is beautiful or not. Maybe standards haven't dramatically changed and she still fits a privileged demographic of people and beauty standards, but on the other hand, she actually IS curvy and not some skinny heroin model looking to break into a Calvin Klein modelling career.

Walter Crasshole more than 11 years ago


she is soo in love in herself that makes her so f*** unattractive ... and she is not that wonderful like she is doing down girl please!

Aaron more than 11 years ago

To Michele

On the contrary, I think she's REALLY curvy. For a model, it's amazing she's even allowed to have breasts. And a bum. And a tummy.

Karen Sofie Egebo more than 11 years ago


awww please were are ur curves???? u have no breast girl!! no waste!!! hahaha oh noooo.. and hell ur are not beautiful

michele more than 11 years ago

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