Berlin's gay and lesbian Muslims




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Muslim and gay

Are you gay or lesbian and muslim? are you looking for open minded people? this is a non profit site.

Help other gay people to coming out, and share this message.

Pedro Suarez more than 7 years ago


First of all, let me say that anyone who said that the Qu'ran does not definitely indicate that homosexuality is a sin is either lacking knowledge, in denial, or attempting to fool people who don't know. In both the Bible and Qu'ran, it speaks of the people of Sodom who were homosexuals. The Qu'ran states that this act of homosexuality was the worse sin ever created by man, and as a result of their evil acts, they were destroyed by Allah. Read Surah 7: 80-84. As one of the broithers inbdicated, this act of homosexuality is something that curable. As Muslims, we believe that people are led to commit these acts from the jinns (Shaytan) who as we are taught whispered into the hearts of man/woman. As with any sin, you have to strive hard to eliminate such deeds from your everydsay life. As Muslims, we're taught that the disbel,ievers wilkl lead us astray if we take them into our intimacy. If a Muslim is not praying 5 times a day, he or she is allowing themselves too much idle time, and as people say, idle time is the devil's platground. We ask Allah to guide those Muslims who are struggling on the straight path, and may he forgive us of our sins, and grant us success in this wirkd, and most importantly, in the Hereafter. Amen.

Afu Yahya more than 9 years ago

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