Colonial Berlin in 10 stops



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"Carrot Street"

What a difference an Umlaut can make. I am about to spend a lot more time in and around Mohren Straße from next week, had no idea of the actual meaning of that name until now.

Seriously though, which not follow the pink-bunny-person's example and just add an Umlaut?

Thomas J. Newton more than 7 years ago

Abyssinia is Ethiopia

What an embarrassing mistake! After the Berlin conference, only Abyssinia/Ethiopia, Liberia and Tripolitania/Cyrenaica (part of modern day Libya) remained independent.

But Lüderitzstraße was, however, named after the colonialist Lüderitz. Check out:

Wladek Flakin more than 9 years ago

Colonial Berlin

Abyssinia and Ethiopia are the same place; it has nothing to do with Libya, other than both countries being ruled by Italy in the 1930s.
If Namibians are mature enough not to mind to have a town called Lüderitz in their country, why should Berliners mind having a street called Lüderitzstraße? It was probably named after the town not the man, anyway.

Andrew more than 9 years ago

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