Emergency Corona cash: you scored it, what now?

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The article could have been better to be honest.
I like the "exberliner" but bringing an amateur to discuss about such a difficult situation, you don't honour yourself. But, that's ok, we all do make mistakes every now and then.
Hopefully, people who are in need of help, will get in contact with professionals not amateurs.
Jennifer Scholl Mickel - who is she? what's her expertise? studies in finance/accounting? lack of sense...tschüss

kenny more than 1 year ago


I would like to ask few questions about corona zuschuts.
Ive got 5000 in April and I am wondering If I can spend it for paying for my Apartment and food?
My German lessons?
Is there possibility that I have to return it next year?
Should I declare it to the tax office? And what about tax if I am a student?
Also If I’ve got few days before 800 euro from canceled project, can I keep that? It was before I’ve got the money from invest bank and of course 800 won’t be enough for few months of life.
Should I keep recits from my shopping?
Should I send it somewhere?

Nancy more than 1 year ago

Got more that expected

It seems still pretty unclear for me even after reading this article. For a few weeks I'm trying to find an answer what should I do if I got more money than I applied for. Considering I didn't get any confirmation of my application. A lot of my fellow freelancers are in the same situation: applied for one amount ang got a completely different one. I wonder if we're allowed to keep it.

Katya more than 1 year ago

Some inacurate /misleading information

Hi, you would not be able to buy new equipment with Soforthilfe 2 as you state. It clearly states it is only for "o.g. laufenden Verpflichtungen." Which is ongoing running costs. This would include e.g. rental of computers if you do so, but not buying new equipment. Please make sure of facts and list your sources. People can run into serious issues financially and legally by following the wrong advice. You also suggest people should keep the money in their account if they are not sure if they were allowed to apply. I don't agree. They should contact the finanzamt and make sure, if it is a no, they should return it. They could be fined interest in the end for example. Apart from legal issues, it is selfish to do so. https://wirtschaft.hessen.de/wirtschaft/corona-info/soforthilfe/wichtige-antworten-zur-corona-soforthilfe?fbclid=IwAR1kIt7FxyP0XRc_OwSfda-iqV-LCbuJNYSFIVRn8M32gxVgJC11yb0Zg7Y

Martjie more than 1 year ago

Not entirely accurate...

The information on the part-time activity having to be the main income was only added on March 31st. Things were different before March 31st - check the IBB's Twitter account for posts about it and shoot them a message if you have questions.

Boris more than 1 year ago

Another accuracy in the article:

The first rules applied until (and including) March 30.

Boris more than 1 year ago

not sure this is entirely accurate

I think the expert in question is not entirely right. If I am a freelance musician. No part-time, full-time, etc employment. I pay my own health care, etc. All my concerts until August 31st is now canceled (loss of money matching the 5000 bucks I received before April 6). According the expert, who says "...which means it could be used, in part, to pay living costs and health insurance, as long as the bulk of it still went into operating costs." this makes absolutely no sense in relation to a musician, who uses their own home as a studio, do not need to buy any hardware, but have lost alll of their income for the next 6-7 months. So do I have to buy a 2000 Euro synth to justify this money? :) Or am I ok with paying my KSK payments, rent, buying food to survive. As far as I remember, there has been official statements about the first half of the money can be used for personal expenses, which would make much more sense than buying a laser printer. C'mon... I seriously don't believe the Berlin Senate would give me 5000 Euros and expect me to spend it on equipment and then not buy food with it. And as far as I understand, the amounts above the 5000 Euros are expected to be spent on leases, rents, installments on gear that were bought prior to the lockdown. Like, if I am a ceramics artist and had bought a kiln in January 2020 and were still paying for it...

Overall, I think the article does not really make thing clearer for a lot of us, unless I am completely misunderstanding that part about the first payments of Sofort-Hilfe II.

Ayşegül more than 1 year ago


Your case isn’t entitled to soforthilfe 2 then. If you’re a musician (or any other freelancer) who doesn’t need the money for the business but only for living costs, you should apply for HartzIV.

Tom more than 1 year ago

More inaccuracy...

That is not true. It could be used for personal costs until March 30.

Boris more than 1 year ago

March 30th or April 6th?

It says until April 6th in this article. I think what's clear here is that no one really know yet.

Gray N. more than 1 year ago

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