Corona: Top 5 viral conspiracy theories

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Do you guys pick and choose aspects of history and weave them into your stories as you see fit?

Dean Koontz did write that a genetically modified virus escaped from a lab and called it Wuhan-400 because the ONLY lab capable of creating any such fictional virus in china is in Wuhan. It's not a prophecy it's math.
I also wrote that a virus escaped from a Wuhan lab in my book Mr 303, not because it was a prophecy but because the chinese are known liars and their only lab is in Wuhan.

Also, the part about the respiratory disease coming out in 2020 wasn't Dean Koontz. That was Sylvia Brown a European medium.

Get your facts straight. I didn't bother to read any further as soon as I saw the sensational diatribe in the first paragraph.

Fox Emerson more than 1 year ago

Sylvia Browne

She was American and a convicted fraudster

Lord 343 days ago

Mixed up Mess

Sylvia Brown wrote: "In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments." in her "end of days".
Dean Koontz wrote Wuhan-400. First book is a prophesy, second one is a novel.
First book is a prohesy, second one is a novel.

Hasan more than 1 year ago

incorrect information re: Dean Koontz

The first book quote is not from Dean Koontz, its taken from an entirely different book and different author. Koontz just wrote the page about Wuhan-400.
The first photo is from the book “End of Days” by Sylvia Browne.

Ikaru more than 1 year ago

The 2 Theories you of course missed

Walmart hasn’t had one case tied to them in anyway yet Costco Amazon Smiths Albertsons and every other grocery chain has cases tied to them. What’s even more odd is that Walmart has differently named grocery chains across the world and guess how many cases they have tied to them, not one. The other big one is asking yourself who does COVID-19 target towards unemployment? Tip based jobs, who account for 80% of the population who don’t do their taxes because they’ll owe the IRS an average of $1000-5000 a year and be slapped with all the fines for not filing. What better way to get them to file for unemployment. Take their jobs away, make it illegal to work, and give a huge incentive called the Stimulus Package.

Jason Rigbee more than 1 year ago


prsthlm more than 1 year ago


The Truth Might Be Stranger Than A Sci Fi Film Made In Primarily Outer Space. The Coronavirus Seems To Be An Manufactured Disease. I Have Brochiectasis So If I Get It I Will Die Probably In 48 Hours So No Joke Really Lol.

Chris more than 1 year ago

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