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What's corporate here remains unclear

Author seems to try hard to make this church fit within preconceived cliché categories of American Protestantism (money, show, anti abortion, against homosexuality etc.). Of course any church outside the German church tax system relies on free will contributions/donations, that's not rocket science. What's so "corporate" about that remains unclear. "Heavy breathing" of the pastor can't seriously be a proof of that. And no quote of him seems to support a close minded perspective. Glossy bibles may not be everybody's thing, but they may just be the modern packaging of an old book.

Herbert more than 5 years ago

To Non-moralizing man

I hope that's a hint of sarcasm I detect in your last sentence.

Karen more than 11 years ago

To Toni

That's great that they're not moralizing! With the whole gay marriage thing, it's totally easy to not be very big on it - I'm not very big on sharing the U-Bahn cars with blacks!

Non-moralizing man more than 11 years ago

My visit

I visited Berlin CLC and was pleasantly surprised at their efforts to create an atmosphere in which people can experience God and church in a real way - as with Hillsong, the environment created is a far cry from the world's view of what 'church' traditionally is and this is essential if you're wanting to attract and draw people (especially non-believers) in. There's a great sense of camaraderie as well - and everyone gets 'stuck-in' where they can. All too often churches run the risk (particularly as they grow) of moving further and further away from the root calling of the church and things become far too fake - this isn't the case with Berlin CLC and if they carry on as they are now, they'll stand themselves in good stead in the future!

Christie more than 11 years ago

My Berlin CLC experience

I've been to Berlin CLC, and what I experienced is not what I expected! The people are very warm and welcoming and real, the community side of this Church is amazing! In my opinion the message was practical, tho the priest spoke to long I think.. I actually understood the message in everyday language and also know how to apply it to my life! The music was very good, this is were I was very positively surprised. The article is well written, just wouldn't call it "Corporate Christ", not a very suitable description as it didn't feel that corporate lol, but other than that pretty good. I got to speak to the priest for around 10 minutes and also asked about gay marriage because obviously it's a big topic in Berlin. He just said, that they aren't there to moralize people, but to show them Jesus and everyone is welcome. I guess it doesn't really tell me much except that maybe they not very big on it! When I'm in Berlin again, I'll be sure to visit this Church!

Toni more than 11 years ago

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