The lowdown on Covid-19 testing in Berlin



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Die Lilie in Kreuzberg is free

One test per week at Die Lilie in Kreuzberg is free, additional ones €20.

Jeff 23 days ago

test for free?

Good that exist praxis and pop-up test places, but still I find INSANE that people have to pay to do the test. I knew so many cases of people in contact with tested positive that had no choice but pay (bacause the Krankenkasse do not want to pay for it) it is really becoming a question of wealth. This is not only a problem with a classist health system, it is a problem with public health. You make get tested harder, and more expensive, and the result is that people do not get tested, with the risk of spreading around. For me this means only, not caring about citizens' health, but only caring that they go to work. The so called "schnell-test" or antigen test costs probably some cents, and are not so much more complicated to read than a pregnancy why are not used widely, for instance in nursing homes, or in schools?

Mo 127 days ago

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