Death by brands



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Same old, same old.........

I know you must pander to your young anti-corporate readers but just how many "Berlin Ain't What It Used To Be" articles can you possibly wring out? Its a city. It changes constantly. Get over it.
It is far too easy and predictable to blame big brands and high rents for the "demise" of Schönhauser. If a street full of individual shops, selling unique products, in the coolest city in Europe—a city where tourist numbers are rising 10 percent a year—cannot flourish in the face of bland generic chain stores, they should really take a long hard look at themselves. They might want to question what exactly they are selling, how friendly their customer service is, their credit card policy etc... The writer of this silly piece is appalled one store "sells the same puffy coat in different colours". I assume you mean Uniqlo, a company that was pretty small for a number of decades but then got very, very big by giving customers what they actually want to buy and terrific service. Berlin shops could learn so much if they'd only stop moaning.

Barney Smith more than 6 years ago

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