Deport the Schwaben?



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the flaw is in the un-conscious

how anybody considering themselves even half intelligent can be so mentally lazy as to project such a complex social problem like gentrification, whose roots lie in economics and politics first, a scapegoat of locality is beyond me. this runs down the same cognitive assemblance as racism, nationalism and the inability to differentiate in order to not oversimplify and channel into static group definition. it so deeply saddens me to see this even in my friends considering themselves leftwing progressive. no doubt, every region of the world can produce total assholes as much as absolutely lovely people. if we fail to divide by the action of individuals and judge by groups connected through such a parameter as origin, we might just have failed a lot of things we should have learned in the last few hundred years.

this whole thing has been poppig up again and again for the last decades and definitely made me more pessimistic about how strong and sustainably adaptive a humanistic education might be.
so whos surprised by pegida? i'm not.

somi more than 6 years ago

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